Connexia produces the #Sipuòfare campaign per jobby, the app designed to revolutionise the job market

6 November 2018 – #Sipuòfare (It’s doable). This is the new claim from jobby, the innovative job-matching platform that has commissioned Connexia to manage its launch campaign. Started as a certified brokerage firm in 2016 based on an idea of Andrea Goggi, jobby now has over 30,000 subscribers and mainly operates in Milan, Turin, Bologna and Rome. Having more in common with dating models than the conventional job boards and recruiting models, jobby uses a free proprietary app to match supply and demand and helps to simplify the dynamics of an increasingly complex and complicated job market.

With a new working model based on monetising time, the jobby job-matching app uses an affinity algorithm that has been specially developed to put “workers and job suppliers” in contact with each other in a quick and easy but smart way. Once workers have created a profile, they can swipe through the open job offers and apply for a job with just one speedy tap. Private individuals or business with vacancies can produce an advert in a couple of minutes and specify whatever profile they require for that particular job.

 “We’ve formed a creative synergy with Connexia that gave rise to an inspiring idea, starting with the campaign claim, a positive hashtag, and a quote that’s been tweaked to suit the possibilities offered by our app which enable any dream or wish came come true with a little help from some talented people.” said Andrea Goggi, the co-founder and CEO of jobby. “We feel that the #Sipuòfare message sums up all the core values of jobby and it’s just the starting point for a journey that holds no fear of challenges or change.”

Even the choice of creative, witty people whose simplicity makes them extraordinary perfectly mirrors our DNA as a start-up, DNA which is shaped by a daily life that is never dull and always full of surprises that need tackling, especially in a market like the job market which needs to be totally open to any opportunities and ideas if it plans on continuing to improve.”

The communications strategy developed by Connexia primarily targets private job suppliers and is designed for digital and outdoor media. Two channels, one goal: show just how easy the jobby platform makes it to find “the right person for a job that needs doing” in no time at all.

“We wanted the #Sipuòfare campaign to ensure jobby’s storytelling reflects the needs of targets with different skills, professional profiles and needs,” said Stefano Ardito, the Chief Growth Officer of Connexia. When developing #Sipuòfare our creative and strategic team wanted it to be a memorable stand-out campaign so we worked on being relevant to the target audience, engaging them with a clear, appealing message, and using humour and the right tone of voice.”