FATAstica Il Finale


Motta has entrusted Connexia with the task of executing a second digital and social flight for the FATAstica campaign, aiming to elevate the narrative and sustain the brand’s market penetration. The objective is to uphold Buondì Motta’s distinctive, irreverent, and witty tone of voice that has consistently set it apart from its competitors!


After watching the family exhausting every possible method to suppress the mischievous fairy, we find her lying unconscious on a table in an obscure mortuary. Two peculiar morticians step forward ready to examine her, while engaging in a lively exchange of banter sourced from the comment section of Buondì Motta’s social networks. The outcome of the story, however, lies in the hands of the users themselves! They will be the ones deciding the fate of the fairy, by partaking in a poll to shape her ultimate destiny.


Creativity, Social Campaign, Video Production

  • Creativity

  • Integrated Campaign

  • Social Engagement