Motta asked Connexia to realise a multi-platform and multi-subject creative campaign to keep on communicating the main feature of Buondì Motta: a breakfast that could be light and tasty at the same time! The campaign should maintain the irreverent, original and witty  tone of voice, that has always characterized Buondì Motta among all the competitors.


Connexia created and developed the creative idea for the campaign: the same irresolvable dilemma has long plagued the breakfasts of Italian families: to start the day with a greedy breakfast or a light breakfast? Only Buondì Motta succeeds in making the impossible possible. But if this kind of breakfast exists then unicorns also exist! Well, yes, a magical irreverent and colorful unicorn appears in the kitchen to the disbelief of the whole family, to prove the existence of the greedy and light breakfast in an ever-changing and irreverent way.


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