Deborah Milano

Brand-manifesto #EveryDayDiva


Describing Deborah Milano brand values and brand positioning through an emotive and powerful format.


To promote the brand, engage the Deborah Milano community and make social media a drive-to-business channel, we developed a channel & content strategy, aiming to involve some influencers in the brand’s storytelling through digital PR activities. With the #EveryDayDiva concept used across all social properties with a smart & glamorous tone of voice, the Deborah Milano brand manifesto celebrates the femininity and individuality of every woman.


Total interactions: 444,476.
Media reach: 163,085.
Fans: 511,814 (+0.41)

Total interactions: 102,018
Media reach: 18,703.
Followers: 173,974 (+9%)

Impressions: 216,431. Clicks: 6,232.

Digital PR
Potential reach: 10,947,090.
Total interactions: 79,159.

Video views: 1,238,642
Reach: 848,977.

  • Brand Manifesto concept and production