Istituto Marangoni

Digital Dashboard


Develop its ability to capture data from the digital ecosystem, integrating it with offline CRM data and making it immediately available to brand management.


Once we had identified the KPIs to be monitored, we put the correct settings in place so that the company’s existing platforms were fully integrated and returned data that was always correct and up to date. Based on our knowledge of Google Analytics, we performed assessed the tracking of web properties and carried out significant data visualization work to monitor the performance of organic lead generation, by channel and by different countries.

We used Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio to integrate online user behaviour data with offline data in Salesforce, making them available through specific digital dashboards.

We optimized the seo over the entire digital ecosystem, for all languages and different types of offers, created the Amp (accelerated mobile pages) and managed Google My Business to improve the store locator and search results on Google.


Real-time monitoring of lead generation performance across all channels and across countries is helping the company take corrective action promptly.