Roland Berger

Corporate Communication Strategy & PR Activity


Reinforcing the brand awareness of a strategic consultancy firm. Raise the profile and reputation of the partners and principals at Roland Berger and market awareness in relation to the relevant competencies.  Grow visibility and the number of articles in economic/financial and B2B publications; participation in institutional and business events.


Setting up a corporate communication strategy focused on deriving maximum value from all the assets the strategic consultancy firm has at its disposal.   Based on the shared legacy of content elaborated by the Roland Berger study centre and relating to the widest variety of industries.  Constantly involving the main economic/financial and B2B publications, the organisation of press conferences, also coinciding with third-party and extra-segment events, such as Digital Week at Milan, one-to-one meetings with selected journalists, ad-hoc content production, crisis and issue management.


Two-figure growth year-on-year of media coverage in economic/financial and B2B publications.  Recognition as a key market player for Roland Berger’s partners and principals – also vis-a-vis institutional stakeholders.   Ongoing incremental growth in speaking opportunities and individual visibility.  New business streams.