On air “The Chuckers-In”, the new, integrated campaign on the topic of compostable bioplastics, created by Connexia for the Biorepack Consortium.

29th May 2023 – Biorepack, the first European Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consortium system for compostable, bioplastic packaging, is back to tell us about the new, integrated campaign for TV, radio, press, social and digital, “The Chuckers-In. The project is the work of the advertising team of Connexia, the marketing and communication agency of Retex, which handled the project’s strategy, creative concept and media planning.

On air from 28 May to 17 June 2023 with a 15″ format spot on the TV channels of RAI, Mediaset, CairoRCS Media, SKY, Warner Bros, Discovery and Netflix.  “The Chuckers-In” enriches the already substantial TV scheduling with a 30″ format radio spot through Gruppo Editoriale GEDI and CNR Media, a 20″ spot on Google and Meta platforms, and an Adv page, which will appear over the coming months in the major periodicals and national printed newspapers. There will be plenty of original content for social media  and a dedicated landing page (www.cosamettonellumido.it), where topics can be discussed in depth.

Building on the success of “The Bioplastic Garden”, an integrated campaign successfully launched in the second half of 2022, Biorepack Consortium returns to the main Italian media to continue disseminating awareness to citizens of certified, compostable, bioplastic materials and promoting their correct usage, conferral and end-of-life management. Biorepack also promotes the virtuous link between correct collection of wet waste and the production of compost: a very important resource for soil regeneration.

The creative idea behind ‘The Chuckers-In‘ is, in fact, to highlight the importance of making wet waste collection as pure as possible. Thus, the organics bin becomes a very special recipient, into which it is vital to select very carefully what can and cannot be deposited. This is why the protagonists of the campaign are two chuckers-out – or rather – two ‘chuckers-in’, standing guard over the entrance to the bin and only letting in material suitable for turning into compost, such as kitchen leftovers and certified, compostable, bioplastic packaging.

Not all materials are worthy of becoming nourishment for the Earth!

Educating and raising awareness about the correct way to collect compostable bioplastics is, by statute, one of Biorepack’s key objectives,” says Marco Versari, President of Biorepack. “Compostable bioplastics are relatively new materials, and it is, therefore, important to help consumers understand how to recognise them and why they should be disposed of together with household waste. Indeed, they are a valuable ally in increasing the quality of organic waste collection. They benefit the whole cycle, because quality harvesting drastically reduces waste, helps the work of treatment plants and enables increased compost production. We are confident that this multi-channel campaign will play a valuable role in helping us reach as many citizens as possible, thereby counteracting misinformation and fake news.”

We are delighted to be able to make our strategic and creative contribution to the spread of greater environmental awareness.” In the words of Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner Strategy & Creativity of Connexia, talking about the new communication campaign The chuckers-in“, “We chose to support the educational objectives of the Biorepack Consortium by developing a creative concept that, through a play on words, ironically emphasises the importance of the correct disposal of organic waste. There is increasing awareness and sensitivity to issues relating to good, daily practices in separating waste collection and, more generally, to the impact that recycling and proper disposal can have. These are all aspects that, as a Benefit Society, we feel particularly strongly about; we are happy to be able to support the promotion of virtuous and sustainable behaviour“.


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