And the 2018 NC Digital Award for Digital Innovation goes to… Connexia

8 novembre 2018 – A room packed with communication professionals – agencies, operators, managers – applauded Connexia as CEO Paolo D’Ammassa collected the 2018 Award for Digital Innovation from Salvatore Sagone, publisher and president of the event, at the 2018 NC Digital Awards winners gala yesterday evening.

 This prestigious award comes after a run of successes that began quite a while ago. Connexia fearlessly embraced digital without a trace of superficiality, recognising its full potential and exploring every phenomenon in detail without fixating on fleeting trends.

Connexia understood that it needed to restructure the agency to make it easier for different departments to work together with a data-driven approach so they could provide an effective, integrated response to today’s complex demands.

“Nowadays there are too many skills and complexities to limit them to just one person’s head; we have to gather data scientists, strategists, creatives, tech architects, etc., around a table so all these diverse professional profiles can interact in a collaborate, constructive way,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia.

The agency set up an in-house production company, Connexia Media House, a few months ago. It’s a creative hub of content and ideas that develops communication projects with digital-first timing and methods. Connexia also launched its Corporate Division in June to offer an innovative digital approach to corporate communication as it firmly believes that the line between this and marketing communication is fading and all of the client’s stakeholders need to be effectively managed.

“I like to say that we are no longer a digital agency, a creative agency or an advertising agency.

We’re now a marketing and communications consultancy agency that integrates data, creativity and technology,” explained Paolo D’Ammassa. “We have 110 professionals, twenty-five of whom joined us over the past year, and turnover with solid double-digit growth. This corroborates the validity of our strategic approach and heralds other major new initiatives for 2019.

First, I’d like to thank everyone in the agency. Today’s award recognises our team effort, and hours of intense analysis and strategizing. We’ve invested, and continue to invest, so much in our people, and try to scout new talents and keep them motivated and engaged. We have created a talent program for the under 30s. We work closely with all of them. Four of our people are at the Web Summit in Lisbon at the moment, I’m flying to New York next week for AdAge Next, and we’re taking nine of one of our client’s European country managers to Silicon Valley in the second week of January so that they see exponential technologies and organisations for themselves.

We’re always totally focused on anything associated with innovation. We know that change is happening incredibly fast, but we also know that, despite the less than favourable macroeconomic context, they are plenty of opportunities out there for people who really want to be innovative and have the know-how to interpret what’s happening. Connexia is the right partner to bring about digital transformation and the market agrees.”