The Deborah Group appoints Connexia to manage all social and digital initiatives

Milan, 12 April 2018 – Deborah Group, Italy’s leading cosmetics company for fifty years, has appointed Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, to manage all aspects of social and digital communications for its brands: Deborah Milano, Debby, Rouge Baiser Paris and Dermolab.

Connexia already manages PR and digital PR, social media and digital channels for Rouge Baiser Paris and has now won a four-party bid for Deborah Milano, the leading brand of “Made in Italy” cosmetics, making the Milanese agency the main contact for all digital communication initiatives and special projects, social media strategy initiatives and media budget management for the digital channel. Connexia also runs, the Deborah Group’s corporate website which is recently back online after being restyled by Connexia, and all social media and digital ADV initiatives for Debby, a make-up brand specially created for 18-25 year olds.

A family-run company started in 1903, the Deborah Group is a leading cosmetics company that operates in over fifty countries. Creativity, beauty, passion, a love of design and colour, an eye for international beauty trends and a wealth of product innovation expertise, guaranteed by the Deborah Group’s Research and Development labs, have earned the company global recognition as the epitome of Italian excellence.

To help coordinate the creative projects and communication strategy on digital channels with ad-hoc photo shoots to create exclusive photographic content, Connexia works with Connexia Dashboard, an innovative in-cloud monitoring and analysis tool that helps with strategic decisions and simplifies the planning and management of multichannel strategies.

“Choosing Connexia as our sole partner for the Deborah Group’s digital and social communications is a strategic move as part of a structured plan with goals of varying levels of complexity,” said Antonio Vanoli, CEO di Deborah Group. “This decision is part of a wider-reaching project in which the concept of innovation is key: this choice guarantees us the creation and production of first-rate digital and creative projects that also enable us to build communication ecosystems which can be easily analysed and measured so we can optimise our ongoing projects as well as our customers’ loyalty, which is extremely important.”

Deborah Milano is the jewel in the Deborah Group’s crown so signing this brand further confirms the strength of Connexia’s working relationship with the client and the mutual trust that we have built with them while devising creative and communications strategies for the Rouge Baiser Paris and Debby brands,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “As an agency, we aim to translate our creative potential and value-adding expertise into original and effective solutions. To do this we also use tools like the Connexia Dashboard, a proprietary suite with which we monitor and analyse the status and progress of the business and communication KPIs of a company, brand or individual products over time periods, while offering a better viewpoint of the competitors’ actions.”

Mobility 4.0: Doxa & Connexia report the mobility of digital Italians

22 March 2018 – What is mobility now and what can we expect it to be in the near future?

Extraordinarily current questions focused on the key role that Automotive 4.0 plays and/or will – soon – play on the Italian mobility scene. These topics are very important to those who are actively involved in the chain and to whom Doxa and Connexia provided some answers by offering a series of interpretative proposals and identifying seven trends which the market and the user are rapidly moving towards.

Doxa, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm, and Connexia, the data-driven creativity agency, are very different yet complementary members of the Doxa Group. Together they have carried out a detailed analysis of the current digital transformation, the evolution of behaviours and habits, and the in-depth overhaul of the Italian automotive market to investigate how cars, motorbikes and methods of transport in general will fit in with such a rapidly changing environment and with unpredicted developments.

The 360° debate even covered the many hot topics that touch on mobility, such as the “perception” of diesel vehicles, the growing trend for hybrid and electric solutions, the concepts of “using” vs “owning” a vehicle, the role of financial instruments, and autonomous cars to name but a few.

Doxa and Connexia offer immense experience and digital expertise, the ability to interpret data and scenarios, flexibility and insight when it comes to predicting in which direction companies will inevitably go when they are forced to change if they want to remain successful market players. A wealth of skills for the automotive industry to tap into.

“We offer a new approach to the topics in the automotive industry,” said Barbara Galli, the Mobility BU Director at Doxa. “We believe it is important to analyse and view them as an incredibly important segment and aspect of mobility in a connected world. We need to explore and understand mobility with digital means to comprehend how it presents and acts and how people interact with it primarily online. Ours is an investigative method in which research meets marketing and sales to encourage engagement, anticipate and understand any aspects of discontinuity, and identify meaningful insights.”

“Monitoring and analysing the conversation, mapping the scenario and the communication initiatives of different brands and more general data analysis are what form the starting point when designing effective strategies and truly data-driven creativity,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “In terms of the evolution of the automotive market, we had to identify several trends that we believe will impact the market, consumer habits and behaviours on which we can work and take action so we could work with feasible ideas and vision when developing communication plans and digital and social media strategies: maximum focus on personalisation and the uniqueness of the experience provided (AR and VR); advanced conversational interfaces that introduce the natural language; simplification of the data analysis processes needed for marketing actions with artificial intelligence and important relevant increase in automation; ever-more attractive video content and live streaming; constant engagement in whatever way possible; and actively engaging influencers. These are all pieces in a complex puzzle and representative of the myriad faces of today’s automotive market. They are also all “keys” to using data analysis to effectively build creativity and communication and successfully steer them in the right direction.”

“Let’s give nature a second hand” Connexia produces Decathlon’s new campaign for Trocathlon, the annual must-see event for unbeatable offers and a waste-free life

7 March 2018 – Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, has created a new campaign for Decathlon, the French company and leading global developer, manufacturer and retailer of sports goods. The campaign is for the 24th Trocathlon, an event created by the sports network to encourage people to reuse second-hand items by buying and selling used goods without charging any fees. Held in 110 Decathlon stores from 2nd to 18th March 2018, the initiative is only open to Decathlon card holders and also hopes to help reduce our impact on the environment by promoting more sophisticated circular economy models.

To launch the 2018 Trocathlon, Connexia has created a national campaign that reflects Decathlon’s constant commitment to implementing their “everyday low price” philosophy and making sports accessible to everyone.

With one short message, the campaign’s claim – “Let’s give nature a second hand” – sums up the concept of saving money, an essential part of the second-hand market, and the French brand’s commitment to safeguarding the environment, both themes featured in the creative visual. Connexia also created a script for the Trocathlon radio commercial which was broadcast in Decathlon stores.

The 2018 Trocathlon started on Friday, 2nd March, in all affiliated stores and enables all Decathlon customers to sell their used sports items in stores until 16th March without paying any fees. The sports items and equipment are available for purchase between 2nd and 18th March. If all the customer’s items have been purchased by the end of the initiative, the customer receives a coupon for the value of however much was made from the sale of their second-hand goods.

“With the campaign created by the Vasta-Aricò creative team to promote Decathlon’s 2018 Trocathlon, Connexia has successfully found an innovative way to faithfully interpret the values of one of the events that means the most to the French brand, which has worked hard for years on promoting inclusion and making sport more accessible, also by implementing a policy of keeping prices low,” said Massimiliano Trisolino, Connexia’s Chief Strategy Officer.

A fresh injection of strategic thinking and creativity for Connexia. Meet Chantal Cimmino and Ambra Crociani.

1 March 2018 – Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, is always keen to intercept the creative buzz and positive vibes whirling round the digital ecosystem, and perfectly reflects the radical new direction taken by the communication sector and its professionals.

With a cultural revolution and an acclaimed generation, this paradigm shift is having a major, and in many ways unexpected, impact on the employment market by generating new demands and responding with new “hybrid” professional roles.

This is highlighted by the addition of Chantal Cimmino, Creative Strategist, and Ambra Crociani, Digital Stylist, to the Connexia team. Two professionals who “speak creative”, “embody creativity” and symbolise the intimate correlation between digital transformation and emerging professions.

A Florentine by birth and Milanese by choice, Ambra Crociani had also lived in America and Berlin before finally going to Rome, where she graduated with flying colours with a Fashion Stylist diploma from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome.

Ambra epitomises the digital alias of visual merchandisers in stores and set designers in advertising: her experience of art direction and product styling in everything from food to fashion is what won her a place on Connexia’s team, where she immediately got busy with the many projects in progress on the agency’s “tables.”

As a communications strategist with social media marketing experience, a cum laude degree in Organisation and Marketing for Business Communication from the Sapienza University in Rome, and a master’s in Marketing and Communication with a specialisation in unconventional and interactive communication from the Academy of Communication in Milan, Chantal Cimmino takes on the ultimate “challenge” on a daily basis: devising and building attractive experiences that will engage brands and consumers alike.

With her exciting, multifaceted experience in Ambito5 – Saatchi &Saatchi Network, and BCube/Msl – Publicis Groupe, Chantal brings to Connexia her enthusiasm, professionalism and a solid approach to creative strategies, which she sees as a fantastic opportunity for understanding how people’s behaviours change and how we can make a real change in the dynamics of the value-based relationship with brands.

“At Connexia, we want to ensure we are always attractive to the generation of ‘new creatives’ who know that nowadays having just creativity and talent is no longer enough unless they are underpinned by a solid foundation of data and an in-depth understanding of all the dynamics and tools involved in communication,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Professionals like Ambra and Chantal enrich and strengthen Connexia’s Creative division, which is intrinsically digital with an immense flair for listening to the insights that come from how we analyse and interpret data.”

Maxi Zoo appoints Connexia to handle all digital and social communications in Italy

15 February 2018 – Maxi Zoo Italia, a subsidiary of the Fressnapf Group, Europe’s largest chain of pet food and accessories stores, has tasked Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, with managing all the brand’s digital and social communications.

The goal: to promote and increase the brand awareness of the Maxi Zoo brand and help to strengthen its top-level position in Italy with an integrated communications project that encompasses the brand’s entire digital ecosystem.

Established in Germany in 1990, the Fressnapf Group now has over 1,400 stores across Europe. Each Maxi Zoo store offers a wide range of pet food, accessories, and services for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, and reptiles that suits every pocket and guarantees premium quality.

Six agencies bid for this project, which was awarded to Connexia thanks to its talent for effectively conveying brand values and ideas, creating unique and original experiences, and maximising use of the communication chain from start to finish. Connexia will now devise and develop Maxi Zoo’s brand communication strategy, covering every aspect from position analysis and creative concept to website management and formulating and managing editorial plans for the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn social channels. Connexia will also coordinate the social and digital advertising campaigns.

“We are immensely pleased to announce we are working with a new client, especially with such a well-known and popular brand like Maxi Zoo,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Connexia will be a strategic partner for the leading retailer of pet food and services; we will convey the set of values and distinctive traits of Maxi Zoo Italia by speaking with creativity, sensitivity and clarity to a specific target which cares passionately about the wellbeing of its pets.

We are positive that our integrated approach will infuse the digital ecosystem with authenticity and consistency to successfully boost and achieve the brand’s communication goals.”

Memento launches 25-year anniversary press campaign. By Connexia

8 February 2017 – Memento Francis Lefebvre, the specialist publisher of books and digital media for legal and tax professionals with more than 50,000 customers, has appointed Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, to devise the creative concept and develop the press campaign to celebrate the publisher’s first twenty-five years in business.

The ATL campaign created by Connexia for Memento aims to convey the company’s value-based world. Memento is an elite brand in the professional publishing industry that has continued to build on its success over the years thanks to the prestige and quality of its books and services which are produced entirely by in-house teams of editors who are all experts in their field.

Connexia chose to fulfil the communication objectives and highlight the company’s strengths with a picture of a child, the aspirational symbol par excellence and a future professional.

The visual depicts a child engrossed in reading a Memento Pratico book. The picture also features the claim – “For the professionals of tomorrow”which immediately conjures up the idea of a young adult who will keep turning to Memento books for information in the future. The creative idea illustrates the brand’s dual character of time-honoured traditions and forward-thinking.

“With the campaign created by the Vasta-Aricò creative team, Connexia wanted to give voice to and interpret Memento’s qualities as it is a reliable, professional brand that welcomes innovation and constantly grows and evolves,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “As a company, Memento understands the importance of past experience while keeping one eye firmly fixed on the future. Connexia celebrates the brand’s twenty-five years of traditions by capitalising on its experience and reputation while looking towards its next development.”

“Operation Valentine’s Day”: Connexia attracts new talent with a Creative Speed Date

Milan, 7 February 2018 – Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, presents Creative Speed Date, the special Valentine’s Day initiative for aspiring copywriters and art directors who are “in love” with their profession and ready for anything.

The goal: become the “new other half” in a happy creative duo!

With just a few days to go, there is still time to send in your résumé: the selected creatives will be invited to a face-to-face meeting with Connexia’s creative directors at 6 p.m. on 14th February.

To mobilise the prospective talents, Connexia has created a multi-subject recruiting video which aired on the agency’s Facebook channel. The video opens with a tracking shot of creative duos who all clearly share “elective affinities” and obviously love being part of duo! In the midst of this jubilant display of bonhomie and synergy is a lonely young creative longing to finally meet her “creative other half” as soon as possible.

How to apply.

If you would like to take part in the Valentine’s Day Speed Date, just email your résumé to by 00.00 on Monday, 12th February. The most intriguing profiles will be invited to take part in the Creative Speed Date at Connexia’s head office (in via B. Panizza, 7 in Milan) on 14th February where they can reveal their creative passion and love of their job.

Connexia welcomes on board the creative duo of Sozzi & Adamo

25 January 2018 – Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency and one of the top multichannel communication players, confirms the strategic choice made and extensively tested in 2017 by investing in new young talents: joining the agency is the creative duo of Matteo Sozzi, Art Director, and Giovanni Adamo, Copywriter, who will both work under Creative Directors Anna Vasta and Adriano Aricò.

Born in 1988, Matteo Sozzi graduated from Rome’s Academy of the Arts and New Technologies and began working in the world of communication in Rome in 2011 before moving to Milan where he worked as an Art Director for Saatchi & Saatchi from 2012 to 2016. This is where he began his creative partnership with Giovanni Adamo, a Creative Copywriter with the soul of a video editor and ten years’ experience working in some of Milan’s most prestigious creative agencies, first at Publicis Italia, then JWT and Verba DDB, before heading to S&S.

After a short spell in Cayenne, Matteo joined Connexia with a professional bag packed full of all the many brands with which he had worked: Lancôme, VISA, Škoda, Ducati, KIA, Poltronesofà, Media World, Carrefour, and Whirlpool to name but a few.

And Giovanni’s list of big names is just as long, having worked with brands of the calibre of Audi, Honda (motorcycles), Indesit, Nestlé, Vodafone, Nokia, Carrefour, Brembo, Jägermeister, Vorwerk, Bulgari, Garnier, Bayer, Kraft Foods, Parmalat, Bolton, and so the list goes on.

“Connexia continues to back creativity and talent, and we’d like to offer a warm welcome to Matteo and Giovanni,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “We have absolutely no doubt that these two new professionals, who have joined us a couple of months after another creative duo Renata De Rosa and Emiliano di Leno, will provide significant contributions to the growth of the agency’s creative flair and dimension. They have already fitted right in to Connexia’s Creative division, creating value with originality and uniqueness for the integrated communication projects in which they are involved.”

“Matteo Sozzi and Giovanni Adamo were met by an atmosphere of vivacity and perpetual, tireless, enthusiastic movement. This is a great time for Connexia at the moment: we’re experiencing an intense period of constant growth that attracts every possible type of talent – creatives, social, analytics, and techies – and this motivated us to invest in the multitude of driven, passionate professionals who have joined our agency over the past year to ensure we always do our best.”

Connexia and Doxa team up for Chatbots for Work: the corporate chatbot revolutionising company communications

17 January 2018 – Connexia and Doxa are launching Chatbots for Work, the new corporate chatbot that enables companies to instantly communicate with employees using enterprise messaging apps. A bona fide virtual assistant, the chatbot is growing in popularity and is especially effective for external communicationperlopiù . But it also offers practically unlimited applications for in-house communication as well. Such as? Providing human resources with a preferential channel for “chatting” with employees, sending service communications, reminders, and more detailed information, listening to the staff’s needs and requirements via questionnaires or surveys, and reducing the pressure on the ICT officer caused by requests.

BESPOKE SOLUTIONS – Chatbots for Work is a handy, effective and flat tool developed by our in-house team, led by Chief Innovation Officer Italo Marconi, and presented in collaboration with Doxa,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Strategists, UX designers, technologists and creatives have worked together to produce this tool which can integrate features that have been specially designed and developed to meet the specific needs of individual businesses into the frontend functions already available with the chatbot. Chatbots for Work enables employees to converse with the bot using natural-language processing (NLP) whenever and wherever they want thanks to instant messaging apps on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.”

If the chatbot cannot respond to a specific need, a “real-life” operator immediately steps in to provide the necessary second-level support. D’Ammassa highlights the “considerable” savings ensured by adopting this solution. And more besides. “In addition to major financial benefits, with Chatbots for Work we guarantee the opportunity to “build” surveys launched in real time or according to a preset schedule that can investigate the options of the people with which you work, encourage them to participate in a direct dialogue and ultimately create a closer and more immediate relationship with the company,” adds Vilma Scarpino, the CEO of Doxa.

The data generated by these interactions and surveys can be viewed on the Connexia Dashboard, the analytics platform that can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Chatbots for Work is available and integrable with:

  • Cisco Spark (integrated with WebEx);
  • Skype, Skype for Business, and Teams (integrated with Office 365);
  • Facebook Messenger (integrated with Workplace);
  • Live Agent Service Cloud (integrated with Salesforce);
  • Slack.