Auticon comes to Italy and chooses Connexia for its Corporate Communication

6th June 2019 – Auticon, an international provider of IT services for medium- large and multinational companies, and which exclusively hires people on the autism spectrum as consultants, has chosen Connexia as its agency of choice to publicise its move into the Italian market.

Founded in Germany in 2011, the IT consultancy already has a total of 14 offices in 7 countries (Germany, UK, France, US, Canada, Switzerland and Italy) with over 250 employees. Its sponsors include high-profile names, such as Richard Branson, a visionary entrepreneur who founded the Virgin Group and one of Auticon UK‘s shareholders, and the Porsche family, who are also shareholders in Auticon Germany.

The company‘s key asset, which has shaped its growth and success, is the high level of expertise among its consultants, who are known for their highly developed and unique cognitive ability, which makes autistic people ’special‘ when it comes to tackling complex problems, especially in the fields of technology and science.

Auticon‘s consultants and their expertise are at the very heart of the entire communication strategy devised by Connexia for the German IT consultancy firm, which chose to appoint an independent agency to showcase itself to the Italian market. By drawing on the skills of people on the autism spectrum, Connexia achieves a twofold objective: to emphasise the uniqueness and needs of Auticon‘s employees and, at the same time, to instil a particularly relevant set of values into the client work teams of multinational IT consultancies, so as to introduce elements of innovation and change, transform processes and ways of working and make individual companies increasingly more productive.

Connexia, which immediately shared Auticon‘s commitment and approach, recognising the symbolic value of its arrival on the Italian market and the quality of the service it offers, will work alongside the company during the most important phases of its launch in Italy.

Auticon is a for-profit company that stands out for its decision to offer professional opportunities to all people on the autism spectrum with a keen interest in IT”, explains Alberto Balestrazzi, CEO of Auticon Italy. “To publicise our arrival in Italy, we are very pleased to have chosen Connexia, a communications agency recognised for its ability to integrate strategy, creativity and technology. There is still a long way to go, but we are certain that, being able to count on the support of such a complete and versatile partner as Connexia, we will be able to achieve significant results in promoting the company to prospective clients and markets”.

Auticon is a company that impressed us from the very beginning”, explains Paolo D’Ammassa, CEO and Founding Partner of Connexia. “We have the opportunity to convey very important and subtle messages and, at the same time, to break free from the comfort zone of traditional communication. Behind all the individual initiatives, there will be a dedicated study to identify the most effective ways of bringing value to the company and its consultants by publicising the decision to embrace neurodiversity in the workplace.

We want to assist Auticon through all stages of its launch in Italy, contributing, if only slightly, to the process of informing and educating the public on the skills of people on the autism spectrum, who are too often not acknowledged and accepted by the world of work”.

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