Beko Italia and Connexia renew their partnership for the Beko brand’s media relations

23 April 2019 – Beko Italia, the second largest retailer of Beko branded home appliances in Europe, has reconfirmed its trust in the data-driven creativity agency to manage the Beko brand’s media relations for the Italian market a year after it began its profitable partnership with Connexia.

The key communication objectives have been confirmed: strengthen brand awareness and consolidate brand visibility in terms of B2B and also in the eyes of the end consumer.

At the start of 2019, Beko Italia announced the new mid-long term strategy which revolves around brand uplift with a strong focus on product quality, the innovation that the Global R&D division keeps introducing to the markets, and the prestigious international and local sponsorships on which the brand communication strategy and an “important social cause” rest.

The Beko brand has been involved in two prestigious partnerships since 2014: the international sponsorship as the Main Sponsor of FC Barcelona, one of Europe’s most popular and best-loved football clubs, and the partnership for the Italian market with the chef and television presenter Alessandro Borghese. Both of these were inspirational for the launch of the Eat Like a Pro campaign in 2018, with which Beko helps parents around the world feed their children more healthy food by using great sporting champions as examples of healthy heroes. The end goal is to combat overweight problems and childhood obesity, which is one of the main causes of malnutrition in the world, without having to sacrifice flavour and goodness, as the campaign’s Italian ambassador Chef Alessandro Borghese proves with healthy yet tasty recipes.

“We chose Connexia as our trusted partner to define and develop the brand’s media relations strategy in Italy because it is the go-to agency for communication and the only one that blends data and creativity with technology in an integrated way,” said Francesco Misurelli, the General Manager of Beko Italia. “Over the past year we have established an excellent relationship with Connexia and we know we can always rely on the agency to provide exactly the right consultancy. This is why we are happy to keep working with them and we are sure that this partnership will be a source of many more successes in 2019 for our communication and to strengthen our position on the Italian market.”

We are really pleased to keep working with Beko and continue being effectively involved in the company’s growth,” said Stefano Ardito, Connexia’s Chief Growth Officer. “Over the past year we have had the opportunity to explore various areas of communication, with a special focus on the brand values that set Beko apart from other brands, such as its wide and varied offering, innovation, functionality, style, quality and sustainability. This set of values will form the core for our messages again in 2019 to that we can guarantee consistency with a communication strategy that has proven to be particularly effective and support the development of the group and the quality of its products with even greater conviction.”

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