BIODERMA appoints Connexia and launches #InsiemeAlleMamme, the ATODERM multichannel advertising campaign

14 February 2019 – BIODERMA, the brand that has combined maximum biological efficacy with dermatological research to become a byword worldwide for skin care and protection, has launched a concept called #InsiemeAlleMamme (Together with Mums) for their children’s skin. At the heart of the advertising campaign devised by Connexia, the Milanese data-driven creativity agency, is repositioning BIODERMA’s ATODERM product range by using emotive communication that revolves around parents and presents BIODERMA as a trusted ally to help them manage the daily care of skin suffering from atopic dermatitis.

BIODERMA has products for the entire family, but above all “speaks” to the hearts of mums, who are frequently the first to take action to try to bring their children relief when suffering from atopic dermatitis. Often not easy to recognise, AD causes discomfort for children ranging from itchiness to a generalised irritation, and interrupts sleep while the lack of symptoms leaves mums feeling particularly frustrated and powerless. It is vital that we strike the right chord with this target to offer reassurance and let them know they can count on a network of experienced people with whom they can discuss and learn about the condition and the soothing solutions that are available.

Connexia analysed the perception, uncertainties and needs of these target-mums to create a multichannel advertising and positioning strategy for BIODERMA’s ATODERM brand that revolves around emotional engagement, and ensures that BIODERMA is seen as a brand that helps to transform the negative experiences of mums trying to cope with their children’s AD – experiences that involve considerable uncertainty, guilt and frustration – into a reassuring experience. Because mums know they need a trusted ally against AD, and BIODERMA knows this too which is why it chooses to help them every day.

The core of the entire strategy social developed by Connexia is the #InsiemeAlleMamme campaign video. The video went live on 13th February on BIODERMA’s social channels (FB, IG and YT) and on the campaign’s dedicated landing page, which was designed to offer a service hub to provide all the necessary information and helpful advice about atopic dermatitis. Clips will be taken from the emotive video and shared on the brand’s Facebook page and IG channel, where educational content will be mixed with more emotive content. As part of the editorial plan, the brand not only assumes the role of an expert to offer mums a series of tips and information on specially designed postcards about atopic dermatitis and how to manage it, but also give mums who live with the difficulties posed by atopic dermatitis day in day out a chance to tell their stories. Plus, all the mums are invited to post their worries and queries about AD on Facebook between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on 19th February. They can comment on posts and post their questions and concerns on the page and a dermatology expert will reply in real-time. The most interesting questions and answers will then feature in motion graphic video, which will also be posted on BIODERMA’s Facebook page.

The #InsiemeAlleMamme video will also be available on the landing page, complete with information and practical advice from the experts about how to treat atopic dermatitis.

#InsiemeAlleMamme is a 360° project for us as we have curated every aspect of the communication: we devised the strategy, created the concept, produced the video, developed a structured editorial plan that meets the target’s needs for information and engagement, and managed the media planning.” explained Stefano Ardito, Connexia’s Chief Growth Officer“The #InsiemeAlleMamme concept features many opportunities for engagement across multiple channels, and takes the form of numerous initiatives that are all designed for different touchpoints and envelop mums and their children in the perfect reassuring embrace. We have helped to build an integrated communication ecosystem, in which the digital channels play a key role. Because if it is true that 98% of Italian mums have a smartphone and are always connected, it is just as significant that nine out of ten mums say that they prefer to use “women’s blogs to get information about how to care for and look after their children.”

“Every year we invest considerable resources in researching and developing products that improve the quality of life for children and adults suffering from atopic dermatitis, but this is the first time that BIODERMA has chosen to speak “from the heart” directly to consumers.” said Ambre Martinez, BIODERMA’s Marketing Manager. “We want to offer value-rich content and make people feel that the brand really cares about their lives, especially those who find themselves having to tackle dermatological issues, so we can help them to enjoy having healthy skin again. Thanks to Connexia we have managed to broaden our consumers’ understanding, establish a dialogue with them and respond to their atopic dermatitis needs more quickly and effectively. This is exactly why we chose to place mums at the heart of our project: these are the people in our country who play a primary role in anything relating to atopic dermatitis, because they are the first to be called upon to do something, gain awareness and find quality solutions. We are delighted that these aspects are voiced so loudly in this campaign, which combines the emotional side with the practical side provided by advice from specialists.”

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