Biorepack Consortium’s ‘The Bioplastic Garden’ campaign on TV and radio with Connexia

28 November 2022 – Biorepack, the first European Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consortium system dedicated to compostable bioplastic packaging, arrives for the first time on the small screen and radio with The Bioplastic Garden, a video and audio extension of the press campaign launched last summer. The project carries the signature of Connexia, the marketing and communication agency of the Retex Group, which handled the project’s strategy, creative concept and media planning.

The campaign, which started on 20 November, will be on-air until 10 December 2022, with a 15-second advert on the TV channels RAI, Mediaset, CairoRCS Media, SKY, Warner Bros Discovery, and a 30-second advert on the radio frequencies of the GEDI Editorial Group.

After the success of the multi-subject campaign launched last May in the main national and local newspapers, The Bioplastic Garden is also arriving on television to help all citizens understand materials, correct methods of use, delivery, and end-of-life management of compostable bioplastic packaging, and the link between correct collection and organic waste, understood as a resource for soil regeneration.

The campaign explores the contrast between the end of life of this type of packaging and the beginning of a new life for the Planet. It centralises the importance of the separate collection of compostable bioplastic packaging together with organic waste, and the subsequent composting process: in fact, if disposed of correctly and placed in the wet waste container, bioplastics, once treated, help to generate compost, a fertilising substance that encourages the soil to flourish.    Hence the creative idea of regenerated soil, from which a flowerbed in the shape of a compostable bioplastic bag is born.

“We are very pleased with the results achieved so far with the creative campaign entitled ”The Bioplastic Garden”: a wonderful example of teamwork was carried out in close collaboration with the Biorepack Consortium, a company with which we share values and a concern for issues and good practices related to environmental protection and sustainability – explains Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner for Strategy & Creativity at Connexia – The subject of the creative campaign (the shopping bag) is inspired by the simplicity of everyday life, with the precise intent of bringing citizens of all ages closer to the world of recycling in a natural and immediate way. We are convinced that the culture of proper waste collection, in particular that of organic waste, in which compostable bioplastic packaging is to be deposited, can be promoted first and foremost through correct and accessible information that focusses on people and their consumption habits.”

“The launch of the campaign is a source of enormous satisfaction for all of us – says Marco Versari, President of BiorepackOur Consortium is the first in the world to deal with the end-of-life management of compostable bioplastics. These materials are fundamental for facilitating the management of organic waste and improving the quality and quantity of compost produced in composting and anaerobic digestion plants. This initiative, the first of its kind, is an important part of a wide-ranging communication strategy, designed to go beyond the boundaries of the sector and directly address citizens and consumers. This is an unprecedented choice for the bioplastics sector and will serve to provide citizens with simple information and to enhance the value of a material that is a product of the circular bioeconomy, in which Italy is a world leader”. 

Riciclare è rigenerare

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