“Buddy beat” and the new buddybank communication format from Connexia are here

13 May 2021 – buddybank, the UniCredit bank model designed exclusively for smartphones, presents “buddy beat”, the first subject of the new communication format from the “bank you don’t expect”: the bank that talks to its buddies in a simple way and stands by their side even in the most “tiring” moments of physical training and exercise.

Direct, authentic, unconventional: these are the key words that characterise buddybank, a bank that embodies business and communication methods that are completely innovative within the sector, translated and interpreted by the independent agency Connexia under the creative direction of Riccardo Catagnano and the client direction of Valerio Frontini. And, from today, with the collaboration of musician and nonsense dubbing artist Fabio CeLenza.

The protagonist of the 20” film “buddy beat” is Fabio CeLenza, an artist who is renowned for his nonsense dubbing: he is the creator of the voices that introduce the new services that buddybank offers all sportsmen and women, and those who care about their health, in a simple, informal and decidedly incomprehensible way.

Responding to the claim that “sport is a language you don’t understand”, buddybank offers a hyper-smart solution, once again underlining its harmony and closeness with its buddies, thanks to a unique, efficient and active service, designed to simplify everything that requires simplification.

Buddybank’s new campaign features an offer dedicated to all new customers, who can receive a voucher for a Fitbit Inspire 2 by opening an account by 30 June and spending €500 with their debit card.

“Buddy beat” encapsulates the innovative and contemporary communication style of buddybank: a campaign that deliberately disorientates and strongly reaffirms buddybank’s positioning by describing a different way of “being a bank,” explains Riccardo Catagnano, Creative Director and Head of Branded Content at Connexia. “Here at Connexia, we are delighted that we are now in our second year of collaboration with buddybank and able to support them in the construction of an alternative, disruptive and therefore distinctive communication path, which underlines the uniqueness of the approach and the reliability of UniCredit’s digital bank, which is always there for its clients and always attentive to their needs.”

“We were passionate about this new campaign right from the start. Thanks to Connexia, we are delighted that we were able to communicate it with the voice actor Fabio CeLenza,” comments Massimo Bondanza, Head of Marketing & Products. The idea of “buddy beat” was developed to promote physical and psychological wellbeing, both of which are essential for us, especially at this time in history.”


For further information: www.buddybank.com/buddybeat

buddybank presenta buddy beat

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