‘buddybank Love’: Connexia’s innovative 3D campaign OOH goes live

20 December 2021 – Live from 20 December, the new 3D OOH (Out-Of-Home) campaign for buddybank, UniCredit’s bank for smartphone users.

Running until 6 January in the main hubs of the Lombardian capital, the campaign designed by marketing and communication agency Connexia (Retex Group) will explain buddybank’s ‘Love’ Module which, as well as offering cost reductions on some banking transactions, also includes a Lifestyle Concierge service by Quintessentially, to whom you can forward any type of request via chat 24/7. From booking a table in a restaurant to home delivering gifts, from getting tickets for a concert to cancelling a flight, the Lifestyle Concierge is available 365 days a year non-stop.

The star of buddybank’s unusual 3D OOH campaign is a quokka, a cute marsupial which, because of its features, is known as the happiest animal in the world. The claim, simple and laid-back, is in line with the concept at the heart of ‘buddybank Love’: ‘Zero hassle? Here’s buddybank Love’.

A visual campaign that aims to maximise the performance of the virtual scenarios created by visual communication firm Bluemotion for ClearChannel to produce a short, unforgettable experience: thanks to the principles of anamorphism it is possible to create three-dimensional perception through video devices, video walls or led walls, which are two-dimensional.

By reconstructing an accurate perspective and applying this to a video developed in 3D animation, you get the illusion of depth in a scene.

This illusion transforms and elevates a ‘normal’ 2D monitor into a highly engaging tool by surprising the spectator with a ‘real’ visual impression, like none they’ve ever seen before.

The star of the campaign appears to be rocking about and having a great time on rollercoasters, before launching himself against the walls of canopies and city screens. 

The people of Milan can follow the misadventures of the likeable quokka on  ClearChannel vertical screens across the city and on V.G. Pubblicità horizontal megascreens in the Garibaldi district.

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