Buondì Motta: “conspiracies” on air for the famous Italian ‘tasty and light’ brioche.

19 October 2020 – It is well known that Buondì Motta is THE tasty and light brioche, but… is that really true or is there a catch? This (absurd!) question is asked by the mysterious conspirator who is the main character of the new campaign, on air from 16 October to 21 November, created by Connexia for the most popular of the Motta products. From today a shady figure is ready to look for unlikely points of contact between Buondì and the most current and famous “conspiracies”, from the widely talked-about 5G to the flat earth conspiracy: are you sure they really are all coincidences?

With its usual ironic and irreverent tone of voice, Buondì Motta is back with a brand new integrated multi-subject campaign conceived by Connexia, produced by Akita Film and planned by PHD Media, which will be broadcast online and on the main TV networks from 16th October until 21st November.

The conspirator and his crazy theories will also be the focus of attention online and on social networks (on Buondì Motta’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages), where amusing call-to-actions aimed at the community will be launched: because, as in any self-respecting conspiracy, what appears is not always entirely real!

To further increase the online visibility of the campaign, a group of web influencers will also be involved, called upon to play the role of the conspirator for a day to discover what is really behind the delicious and light breakfast of Motta. The influencer marketing operation was developed by Noesis Group, which also handled the PR activities in support of the campaign.

Buondì Motta is back: the (tasty and light!) conspiracy is served!

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