BUONDÌ MOTTA is back in communication with a truly “FANTASTIC” breakfast!

17 October 2022 – The new Buondì Motta integrated communication campaign has launched! The undisputed protagonist? Obviously the iconic light and tasty breakfast! The campaign, realised by the agency Connexia together with the production company Mercurio and planned by PHD Media, harmonises perfectly with the brand’s irreverent and popular communications, which have been entertaining the Italian public for years. 

Breakfast-time is often described as idyllic and perfect, a special moment when families wake up and gather around the table, relaxed and full of energy.

Everything is wonderful…if only that were true! But now Buondì Motta has brought a touch of reality to this moment!

The new advert (in 15-second, 10-second, and 6-second versions) is set around the table of an ordinary family: all of a sudden, a fairy appears to turn this moment into something magical! She’s optimistic, lively, cheerful… What a shame that as soon as you wake up in the morning, the silence is golden and the spells that she wants to cast on Buondì Motta to turn it into a light and tasty breakfast don’t work at all. She is destined to fail and be swiftly eliminated by the family with very real methods (from the classic clapping of hands to the fly swatter)!

Because the real magic lies in Buondì Motta, the ultimate light and tasty breakfast…which is “fantastic” as it is. 

“Bill Bernbach wrote that ‘The magic is in the product’ and we, with the latest Buondì campaign, have taken him literally – comments Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director of Connexia – We have done so by disempowering a fairy who tries to transform an already-fantastic breakfast with magic. The result is liberating: a breakfast that has finally been purged of advertising superstructures and tells the story of the least magical moment of everyone’s day.”

“With this new communication campaign, and in perfect alignment with Buondì Motta, we wanted to subvert the rules of breakfast, with that playful tone that has always distinguished us – explains Roberto Bellinzona, Marketing Director of Bauli Group. And we did this by focussing on the qualities of Buondì Motta, which, since the 1950s, has been synonymous with snacks and breakfasts for adults and children, evolving yet remaining faithful to its own characteristics of indulgence and lightness.” 

The multi-subject communication will be aired on the main digital terrestrial and satellite networks, and will launch online through a programmatic campaign. The advertising campaign will also be amplified on social media, both on the brand’s channels and through the involvement of a group of influencers in a campaign led by Noesis Group.

And for an extra touch of magic, Motta has launched its brand new “FANTASTIC” competition.[1] From 27th September 2022 to 28th November 2022, by buying a pack of Buondì Motta (in the flavours Classic, Apricot, Cocoa, Cherry, Chocolate, Wholewheat, Cocoa and Cream) consumers can try to win one of 63 Apple iPHONE 13 128GB in real time – thanks to the Instant Win mode – and, if they’re not immediately lucky, they can try their luck again at the end of the competition, with the final draw.

Participating is very simple: just go to concorso.buondi.it, register (or login, if already registered) and enter the unique game code inside the package in the relevant form.

[1] Full regulation: concorso.buondi.it

Buondì Motta Chocolate

Buondì Motta Apricot

Buondì Motta Classic

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