“Close the Gap, Open Your Future”. Fastweb declares its commitment by unveiling a mural in the heart of Milan’s Isola district. Signed by Connexia and the artist Giulio Rosk

29 October 2021 – The new mural created by the artist Rosk for Fastweb was unveiled today at 20 Via de Castillia, in the heart of Milan’s lively and modern Isola district. “Close the Gap, Open Your Future“: the concept behind the work, created by the marketing and communications agency Connexia, confirms Fastweb as one of the Italian companies promoting an increasingly inclusive future, and gives the city of Milan a work of art that encompasses values and social commitment.

The work of art, entitled “Close the Gap, Open Your Future” translates the paradox conceived by the creative directors, Anna Vasta and Adriano Aricò, in collaboration with the artist Giulio Rosk: we see two children engaged in the act of closing the gap together, pushing towards each other two walls, which are the two ends of the installation, as if to make the future accessible to all. Faithful to the philosophy of site-specific works, the mural plays with space and context, amplifying the effectiveness of the message within the work: today more than ever we need to make a personal commitment to bridging the gaps that exist – and not only digitally – to allow everyone access to a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society, where everyone has the same possibilities and the same right to a future. Closing the gap, the work suggests, means taking a concrete step towards achieving all forms of inclusion.

The mural’s message will also have a life online: by scanning the QR code painted on the wall with their smartphone, viewers will be redirected to www.openyourfuture.it, the digital platform that will host the launch event and will describe the work and the urban redevelopment project at Via De Castillia 20.

Sustainability, creativity, inclusiveness: concepts that come together in complete harmony in the “Close the Gap, Open Your Future” project. The use of Airlite© technology, which is applied like paint, is also integral to the work of art. It will eliminate 30.80 g of NOx per day (equivalent to the emissions produced by 42.8 Euro 6 petrol cars per day) by transforming it into inert salts, and will absorb about 9,512 g of CO2 in the first month of its life.

Connexia’s multidisciplinary team, guided by the Creative Direction of Anna Vasta and Adriano Aricò and by the Client Director Roberta Croce, has been involved in the project since the very first phases of its realisation. From the design of the concept and the consolidation of the artistic and production coordination for its realisation; from the creation of the dedicated digital space to the communication plan for the launch on Fastweb’s social pages.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the realisation of such an innovative project, which is the first of its kind. We have been directly involved, confirming once again the solidity and transversality of our collaboration with Fastweb,” explains Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner for Strategy & Creativity at Connexia.Close the Gap, Open Your Future is a project that harmoniously engages the different essences of the agency in the realisation of a work with a strong legacy that goes beyond its visual impact. We are sure that it will produce a positive effect and a further enrichment of the social and cultural fabric of Isola, which is already a lively and receptive neighbourhood.”

“Today we are giving the city a work of art that we strongly believe in, because of its profound social message,” comments Luca Pacitto, Head of Brand & Communication di Fastweb. “We have chosen street art as an innovative and creative form of communication, whose strong impact can generate awareness of the gaps that still need to be bridged, while also promoting respect for the environment. Fastweb is committed to these issues, driven by the aim of achieving a more connected, more inclusive, and more environmentally sustainable future for all thanks to digital technology”.

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