Connexia 2020: growth resumes in Q4 and the agency closes the year on a positive note, rewarded by investments in innovation, digitalisation and talent. Revenues at 18 million, with profits and volumes growing

1 February 2021 – The independent marketing and communications agency Connexia has closed 2020 with a turnover of 18 million, confirming EBITDA and profit growth, and revenues in line with 2019. Q4 2020 in particular, with +15% compared to the same pre-pandemic period in 2019, represents an especially positive figure, recovering from the decline recorded in Q2 and standing as the best quarter ever. Forecasts for turnover and EBITDA in 2021 are up.

The agency, which is controlled by Marina Salamon’s holding company Alchimia S.p.A. has achieved a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 13% over the last four years, confirming the company’s robustness and the effectiveness of its strategic direction in the medium to long term.

“Connexia has ended 2020 with a significant increase in volumes in Q4, the same quarter in which we announced our transformation into a Benefit Company. This therefore represents a positive trend that is continuing in early 2021 and has seen, in the last three months, the acquisition of six new important clients, all of which were obtained through carefully selected pitches,” explains Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia. “Our vision for the future is encapsulated in our philosophy of creativity at the centre, complemented by data, technology and media. A blend of skills, a consultative and data-driven approach, a results-orientated attitude, and simplification: these are the elements that characterise us in our strategic choices and in the effectiveness of our work processes.”

Investing in innovation and digitalisation, and operating outside of our comfort zone: this is what is paying off at this complex time in history. Investing in talent and welcoming on board people who are open-minded, have leadership skills, and are not afraid of change has proved to be our real competitive advantage in facing the current crisis. Without vision, passion and courage there is no value and no growth.”

“In the last part of the year, the importance of people as the agency’s true differential emerged even more clearly, prompting us to lay down a series of positive practices in a structured way, which had already been in place at the agency for some time. Since last October, we have formally become a Benefit Society by combining our profit goals with our commitment to non-profit and sustainability,” explains Marina Salamon, President of Connexia. “For us, this is a natural landing place, a ratification of the value of our way of working, and the sum of the contribution of many professionals who work together in our agency every day without overlooking the importance of sharing, of being transparent, responsible, ethical, considering the good of the company, but also promoting the wellbeing of people, and trying to give back to the land and the community in which we live and operate”.

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