Connexia and ActionAid on air with a campaign that talks about “us”

28 June 2022 – The ActionAid Italia digital and print campaign to raise awareness by calling the whole community to ‘active participation’ in bringing about tangible social change is live.

The non-governmental organisation, which is committed to the fight against poverty and injustice globally, alongside 15 million people in more than 45 countries, has renewed its partnership with the Retex Group’s marketing and communications agency Connexia to tell the story of the power of collective action.

Simplicity, clarity, immediacy: the unmistakable and unconventional communicative code of the non-profit organisation is encapsulated in the binomial ME/WE and in the responsible mobilisation campaign that ActionAid is launching  to call civil society to “active participation”. This means communion of intentions, active collaboration, and involvement at all levels, in terms of both individuals and institutions, in pooling all available resources to bring about substantial changes and achieve concrete results in the protection of rights and individuals.

In this spirit, and evoking some of its fundamental values – humanity, solidarity, community – on 24th June, a delegation from ActionAid was received at the Quirinale by President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, bringing to his attention one of the most current and controversial of all social issues: the right to citizenship for boys and girls who grow up in our country.

Under the Creative Direction of Riccardo Catagnano and the brand management of Davide Corti, a campaign was designed to transform ‘I’ into ‘we’, in the projection of its own shadow, rewriting a thousand and one stories and lives through collective action. To make a difference. Together.

“Participation makes people strong and competent. It empowers them to claim their voice and produce changes that would be impossible to imagine and achieve without them. With ME/WE, we call on everyone to participate – because for 50 years ActionAid has not been content with providing aid to communities afflicted by hunger, lack of education, the harshest poverty, and gender discrimination. We want more,” explains Barbara Antonelli, Head of ActionAid Communication Department. “Every person has the right to fight the unjust conditions in which they live and create different socio-economic and political systems. To do this we need to actively participate in building a conscious society. To defeat inequalities, people need to be provided with power, tools and collective spaces, to unite the solitary commitment of individuals in a big WE.”

“To talk about participation is to talk about how, united, we can create a force for change,” comments Riccardo Catagnano, Creative Director & Head of Branded Content at Connexia. “An unstoppable and contagious drive, a collective and powerful energy, to be celebrated and publicised to invite everyone to be part of it.”




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