Connexia and the Biorepack Consortium join forces for “The Bioplastic Garden” campaign

26 July 2022 – Biorepack, the first European Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consortium system dedicated to biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, returns with The Bioplastic Garden, a multi-subject campaign created for the Consortium by the marketing and communication agency Connexia.

Created with the aim of raising awareness among all citizens of materials, the correct way to use, dispose of, and manage the end of life of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, and the virtuous link between correct collection and organic waste, understood as a resource for soil regeneration, The Bioplastic Garden is all about the dynamic between the end of bioplastic packaging and the beginning of a new life for the Planet.

At its centre is the importance of the separate collection of compostable bioplastic packaging together with wet waste and the subsequent composting process: if these are correctly disposed of and placed in the wet waste container, bioplastics help to generate compost, a fertilising substance that encourages the soil to flourish. Hence the creative idea of a regenerated soil, from which flowerbeds in the shape of a bag, cup and plate, made of compostable biodegradable plastic, are created.

“We are delighted to be renewing our collaboration with the Biorepack Consortium, with whom we have, for some years now, shared a journey of awareness-raising and promotion of good practices for the proper disposal of biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, sharing issues related to environmental protection and sustainability,” comments Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner for Strategy & Creativity at Connexia. “With the three protagonists of the campaign ‘The Bioplastic Garden’, which started last May and will continue until October in the main national newspapers and magazines, we have chosen to visually communicate the benefits of compost for soil, associating in a spontaneous and immediate way to some of the common waste a soil with a green heart, revitalised by the virtuous cycle of compost production.”

“The three visuals were realised in CGI (computer-generated imagery) using a vectorialisation process. This transformed the images from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, offering a plurality of viewpoints that emphasises the creative concept.”

“The growth in the collection of organic waste and, within it, of compostable bioplastics is essential to help our country increase compost production. This product, which is a result of a circular economy, is now even more valuable in allowing organic matter to be returned to agricultural land, combating climate change and reducing the need to use chemical fertilisers, the cost of which has risen worryingly due to the crisis in Ukraine,” explains Marco Versari, President of the Biorepack Consortium. “For all these reasons, communication campaigns that help citizens understand the importance of correctly disposing of bioplastics represent a fundamental building block for the future of citizens themselves, the environment, and also the Italian agricultural supply chain. We are happy to continue this path of education and awareness-raising using the professionalism and creativity of Connexia.”

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