Connexia and Witailer (Retex Group) launch an integrated approach to Search Commerce on Google and Amazon

14 July 2022 – Connexia and Witailer, agencies belonging to the Retex Group with very strong digital DNA, are combining their vision, skill and innovative approach to focus on one area: Search & Commerce Intelligence, now a crucial area for marketing strategies and brand positioning.

The past two years have seen huge growth in the digital transformation of brands and investment to support this. This has led to the need for those responsible for marketing and digital business to gain a full understanding – through specific skills, methodologies and tools developed ad hoc – of the scenario insights used, the consumer drivers chosen and the behaviour when approaching and purchasing a product, in order to optimise their digital spending.

Google, Meta and Amazon are now the players with the lion’s share of brand media investment, thanks to the continuous development of solutions and formats available and their ability to dominate the point at which users are searching for information or expressing their intention to buy.

Understanding these two crucial touchpoints is what has driven Connexia and Witailer to develop an integrated approach to Search Intelligence: through the integrated analysis of Share of Search for the most popular and significant keywords relating to your products you can identify opportunities for improving both your organic and sponsored visibility over that of your competitors.

“There is so much talk these days about the ability of brands to gather and  make use of information to offer a unique customer experience. That’s why, now more than ever, Business Intelligence activities form an essential part of marketing strategies, especially when the objectives lie in generating a stimulus or in understanding user needs in order to match brands with their possible lovers” – says Andrea Redaelli, Managing Partner Business Development & Digital Media at Connexia.

The continuous monitoring of data using dynamic Data Visualization tools allows you to understand how the brand is perceived by the user and with which conceptual entities it is most often associated, to make strategic decisions aimed at improving media investment in real time on the channel, maximising sales performance and ROAS, or to aim editorial content production at transmission on your own digital property or at external partners.”

Federico Salina, CEO of Witailer, adds: “Using data on user product searches is one of the main inputs in our industry. This enables you to improve both your positioning and your sales performance on e-marketplaces, and a consistent approach towards digital search engines and digital retail is fundamental because the latter will become an increasingly significant source of information for businesses.”

Thanks to this new approach and the expertise of the multidisciplinary teams at Connexia (a Google Premier Partner) and Witailer (an Amazon Advanced Partner), both agencies are now in a position to develop an effective stronghold on Google and Amazon and offer their lovers a unique shopping experience.

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