Connexia appoints Yumi to develop employee experience

12 October 2021 –  Yumi and Connexia have entered into a wide-ranging collaboration which will see the Milan-based communication and marketing agency adopt innovative platform Yumi as part of  an experimental project aimed at developing people, partners and associates. It is another new move by Connexia, consistent with the approach to listening and feedback culture that they have practised for many years, combined with continuous research into the correct work-life balance and building an open and collaborative working environment. All the initiatives are aimed at guaranteeing colleagues’ wellbeing, and that openness to experimenting with processes and new ways of interacting is the perfect environment in which to adopt a tool such as Yumi.

Yumi is a platform aimed at individuals and companies, designed to  encourage the adoption of new values and behaviours in work teams by implementing a new paradigm within companies: that of “nudging”, or a “gentle push”,  to positively influence group and individual decision-making more effectively than dictates or direct instructions.

Essentially, the Yumi platform allows Connexia work team members to monitor and improve their own working experience. Like a personal assistant, Yumi helps everyone to capture the key elements of their working day, to reflect on gaps and misalignments and to evaluate insights and suggestions for growth. All completely anonymously. After aggregating the user-generated data, the algorithms developed by Yumi can then provide Connexia, HR and team leaders with  a detailed snapshot of the internal dynamics of the different teams.

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with a dynamic and innovative company like Connexia,” said Emanuele Scotti, CEO and Co-founder of Yumi. “We know that in Connexia we have found a partner who is in sync with Yumi’s approach, who understands the importance of data, measuring data and using it to optimise comparison and internal evaluation processes. We can’t wait to start on a journey that will deliver concrete benefits for both parties.”

“The new concept of hybrid working, i.e. a combination of working from home and in the office, has accelerated the use of remote collaboration technologies amongst others.

It was this scenario that gave rise to our desire, particularly given the agency’s growth, to introduce a tool for exchanging feedback, insights and suggestions, which would, on the one hand, compensate for no longer meeting up in the office five days a week and, on the other, chart and strengthen constructive and positive interactions between colleagues, even remotely,” said Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO and Founding Partner of Connexia.  “We chose Yumi, who  perfectly interpret what we had in mind, and for us it is a completely innovative tool to better understand the internal dynamics of our teams.”

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