Connexia becomes a Benefit Company

27 October 2020 – The independent marketing and communications agency Connexia becomes a Benefit Company formalising their path of social responsibility and ethical commitments which have, over the years, become an integral part of business DNA. Being a B Corp means voluntarily complying with the highest transparency and responsibility standards, giving the same weight to economic and financial goals as those related to social and environmental impacts, pulling off a radical paradigm shift from the traditional business modal focused solely on profit.

The decision to transform Connexia into a Benefit Company is consistent with our path and our desire to show evidence of an ethical commitment that has been fundamental to us, to our approach and way of working, for many years” – declares Marina Salamon, President and majority shareholder of ConnexiaWe are actually strongly convinced that the only businesses that have a future are those that generate long-term value, for themselves and for the entire community. With this choice, Connexia once again proves its loyalty to its values: its story is intimately connected to the personal stories of the people who founded the business and are running it, and the stories of all those who are part of it”. 

In practice, Connexia will modify their status and become Connexia Società Benefit S.r.l. to formalise their own business social responsibility commitments. Italy is the second country in the world, after the USA, and the first in Europe to have introduced such an opportunity into their legal system, and Connexia is the first among the big players in its industry, to consciously make this choice, sending a strong signal and confirming their own long-term commitment to generate shared value within the community.

Five macro-areas characterise the positioning and extra business mission, made explicit in a genuine Manifesto of Values with specific focus on all: the people.

By choosing to become a Benefit Company, we are committed to continue working together to grow and build solid development opportunities across all areas we are actively involved in. Because we firmly believe that business can be directed in favour of people and the planet, as well as profit”  –   adds Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia,

Follow the link to see a video of Paolo d’Ammassa and Marina Salamon presenting Connexia as a benefit company:

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