Connexia buys 100% of Ragooo. Momentum builds in the evolution of its exclusive agency model, with seamless integration of data, creativity and media.

10 April 2019 – Connexia pursues its unstoppable growth strategy and finalizes its acquisition of 100% of Ragooo, the digital experience agency.

Offering Italian excellence in Digital Marketing including Data, Search and Media, the Ragooo team – led by CEO Andrea Redaelli – has succeeded in winning more than 30 top brands in just one year, including Moncler, Bikkembergs, Viacom, De Agostini and Europ Assistance.

Ragooo’s success is due to its profound knowledge of all aspects of Digital Marketing and its ability to identify innovative and synergistic solutions that, combined with transparency in budget management and its ability to transfer know-how, have enabled the agency to build the ideal digital habitat for its clients.

Passion and expertise: qualities with an immediate connection with Connexia which, through the acquisition of Ragooo, integrates digital marketing skills into its model, thereby offering its clients even more fluid and effective projects, in a market where, in most cases, data, creativity and digital media are handled by different parties.

Connexia thus marks a new milestone in its strategy of “planned expansion”.

There have been many new features in the first quarter of 2019, many “smart steps”, all on a single shared path: achieving growth through the seamless integration of experience and skills, reaching the market with a winning mix of creativity and digital media.

After recently announcing the opening of its office in Rome, Connexia is aiming for sales of Euro 21.5 million in 2019 following the acquisition of Ragooo, corresponding to a sales growth of more than 50% compared to 2018.  Over the following weeks, Connexia will also announce 8 very important new clients which it won in the first 3 months of the year, as well as a strengthening of the team with the arrival of new creative staff, strategists and accounts at different levels.

“I am proud of Connexia’s progress and evolution over the last few years: the staff are doing a fantastic job and I can sense an innovative approach that represents a clean break with the logic of the old world of advertising.  The arrival of Andrea and his team will help strengthen our leadership position”, stated Marina Salamon, President and Shareholder of Connexia through the holding company Alchimia. “I also wish to thank Massimiliano Tiana, CEO of Alchimia S.p.A., who supervised and completed the operation between Connexia and Ragooo”, she added.

On the completion of this acquisition, Andrea Redaelli, CEO of Ragooo, has joined the shareholding structure and management team of Connexia, as Managing Partner Digital Media, alongside the other two shareholders, Paolo D’Ammassa, CEO and Founding Partner and Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner Strategy & Creativity.  The management structure is completed by Stefano Ardito, Chief Growth Officer and Letizia Giottoli, Chief Operating Officer.

The roles of the two Ragooo managers, Marco Cilia, Data Solutions Director, and Giorgio Volpe, SEO Director, are also confirmed.

“We are really enthusiastic to become part of the team at Connexia”, confirmed Andrea Redaelli, Managing Partner Digital Media at Connexia.  “Ideas, passion and relations.  Even in Digital Marketing it is always people who make the difference.  This is the claim which we have always identified with, and which belongs to us. Our clients choose us for our ability to find flexible, innovative and extremely customised solutions, as well as for our approach where we pay great attention to transparency and the transfer of know-how.

A proposition that we share with Connexia and on which we want to build a common future.

The clear and solid vision of the agency led by Paolo D’Ammassa immediately won us over and motivated us to continue working to build and develop a unique agency and client relationship model in the Italian market, where creative excellence and media management and planning really come together under a single strategic vision.

It’s a successful approach: we are already working with the first clients and achieving extraordinary results”.

“At Ragooo we found the same market vision, passion and strong expertise in data, search and media” stated Paolo D’Ammassa, CEO and Founding Partner of Connexia.  “Managing the whole process allows us to be effective, ensure brand coherence and governance and reduce unnecessary inefficiencies given by the collaboration (often disjointed) between several vertical agencies which are engaged on the same project but have different working methods and approaches to managing the client.

With a staff of 125 communication professionals, we are now able to develop and implement projects in which creativity and digital media are seamlessly and genuinely integrated.  A characteristic which further reinforces our distinctive ability to be the sole, preferential partner for those brands which view digital transformation and innovation as the result of the integration process of data, creativity and technology”.

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