Connexia designs the ESTHEDERM digital campaign

Institut Esthederm, which harness biology for professional beauty treatments, has appointed the marketing and communications consultancy agency Connexia for the launch of the new Excellage range and the promotion of the bestselling Eau Cellulaire products, a patented range inspired by the skin’s own water content that optimises cellular energy and helps to preserve the qualities that keep skin young and boosts the efficacy of all the company’s treatments.

Analysis of the target’s behaviours, preferences and needs, especially in terms of digital touchpoints, is translated into a concept featuring skin as the star. The “Your story, your beauty” tagline faithfully portrays the brand’s set of values: the story, life and evolution of every woman form stories that can be read in women’s faces and skin. Skin is a layer that separates us from the world, a layer that memorises our entire story. This is why Esthederm has always taken great care of women’s skin by simply “accompanying it” throughout the different phases in their lives without ever overtreating it: to ensure every women remains true to herself, proudly bearing witness to the story her skin has to tell.

With the Your story, your beauty hero video, sponsored on all of the brand’s social media channels (FB, IG, YT and also with video displays), Connexia conveys the brand’s signature values with the story of four women of different ages who look after their skin with different daily skincare routines to suit their different needs.

The result is a four-month digital campaign with editorial control of the social media channels, digital advertising and exclusive branded content designed to back up the brand promise featured in beauty magazines (, producing modern communication that is consistent with the multitude of available touchpoints. For social media in particular Connexia has planned the adaptation of video tutorials and product videos to produce a series of formats that explore the purely product-specific aspect to match the chosen concept in continuity with the campaign.

“The Your story, your beauty video and the digital campaign devised by Connexia for Esthederm complete the next important “step” on the digital transformation journey embarked upon by NAOS in 2018,” said Stefano Ardito, Connexia’s Chief Growth Officer. “By implementing an innovative cross-channel strategy, a targeted data strategy, and a vision firmly focused on safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the end consumer, the company aims to fully complete an effective and informed digital transformation.”

The aim of our creative efforts is to give a voice and consistency to the need to innovate the company by identifying and building new ways with which the brand can relate to and connect with its target.”

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