Connexia designs the Fastweb campaign #ConnectedagainstBullying

8 February 2021 – Networking to tackle and defeat cyberbullying together. This is the aim of the new digital campaign #ConnectedagainstBullying, conceived by Connexia for Fastweb.

On the National Day against Bullying and Cyberbullying, one of the country’s largest telecoms companies is entering the field to reaffirm its commitment against all forms of abuse and aggressive behaviour online.

The protagonist of the campaign #ConnectedagainstBullying – which will be active online from 7 February on the Fastweb social properties – is the INTERNET.

Too often the scene of bullying and harassment, the INTERNET simultaneously offers the best way to combat all forms of bullying online: “networking” turns the scenario upside down, turning potentially toxic situations into an opportunity to educate and prevent harmful behaviour.

And while it is true that cyberbullying is a reality that is part of the web, it is also true that recognising it is an essential part of preventing and combating it.

In this creative campaign, the viewer plays the role of the victim, going through the different forms of “aggression” that can be encountered online: insults, harassment, threats, but also defamation, identity theft, illegal processing of private data.

In the second creative section, there is a complete change of perspective, with the abuse experienced from the bully’s point of view, demonstrating how easy it is to unwittingly contribute to the spread of online bullying and how, whatever the point of view, the phenomenon can affect anyone.

This is therefore a high-impact form of storytelling, which stimulates empathy and identification, allowing users to better understand the problem, its characteristics, and its consequences, and identifies condemnation as the most effective cure to stem the spread of the phenomenon.

Under the creative direction of Anna Vasta and Adriano Aricò, in the #ConnectedagainstBullying campaign a potentially negative context becomes an opportunity to unite online against cyberbullying, allowing everyone to explore the web safely and making the next generation of users more respectful and aware.

Fastweb is also accompanied by athletes from the Nexxt Generation, such as Filippo Tortu and Simona Quadarella, and Fijlkam, who will support the campaign directly from their profiles with ad hoc content.

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