Connexia develops new integrated communication for deBBY, the special friend of a confident generation that is ready to “take a bite out of life”!

13 March 2019 – Connexia, the marketing and communications consultancy agency that blends data and creativity with technology, has developed an integrated digital communication strategy with an aspirational feel that revolves around sharing to reposition deBBY, the Deborah Group’s younger cosmopolitan world brand.

The new deBBY communication strategy appeals to anyone who loves sharing every moment of their day, and its main goal is to strengthen the brand’s fame and the new positioning of the 18-25 line by focusing on consideration and emphasising the performance of the products and their value for money.

deBBY has always represented a generation with a curious, sunny outlook on our commitments in life. Strong-willed, tongue-in-cheek, analytical, intelligent and bold, the «deBBY girl» believes in friendship and is fearless about sharing her feelings and thoughts on social networks. As deBBY is always connected with its consumers and well-aware of how their needs are changing, the brand immediately knew how to use make-up to embrace the change in the relationship with “Generation Z”, by developing the new communication strategy on the brand’s social properties, on the new website and via dedicated digital PR activities.

A professional yet laidback tone of voice, focus on performance and on product quality, with ad hoc photoshoots to underline the brand’s characteristics and specificities, and Instagram-centric communication: Connexia interprets how the channels and habits are evolving in the younger target’s relationship with the brand to ensure this relationship is one of equals with the aim of inspiring empathy, close bonds, and trust. deBBY becomes the special friend, social enabler, and solution that make girls feel confident and ready to go out.

The brand speaks to its target on social media through photographic storytelling of the products, acting as a friend that the “deBBY target” can trust in all the situations that age range typically experiences on a daily basis. A custom-designed advertising plan, which is constantly updated, has been developed to support the social communication with the aim of following the users through the awareness – consideration – preference funnel. This means we always know at which step the final user is and can propose differentiated creativity with specific objectives, thereby maximising investments.

At the same time, Connexia also needed to ensure that the consideration and preference KPIs are achieved as part of the goal of communicating deBBY as a brand that understands a young, independent generation, while highlighting how the products perform from quality through to colour range. To this end, Connexia selected and appointed a team of female and male beauty and lifestyle influencers to fuel the digital PR initiatives. The influencers created customised original content for every product launch to explore and highlight the “why” behind the choice of every deBBY product.

“This new communication strategy follows the evolution that deBBY has always known how to cope with,” explained Cristina Martella, the Digital Marketing Manager for the Deborah Group. “By keeping the focus on the 18-25 target, today’s Generation Z, we have successfully built a strategy that gels with their universe of values and worlds of reference, while maintaining the integrity of the brand’s DNA.

The bold digital imprint and Instagram-centric approach are the levers we chose to establish a relationship with our “GIRLS”. Amongst other things, studies of this target show that these girls are very savvy, so we don’t want to create content solely to engage an audience, instead we see these tools as channels for initiating contact and building a relationship based on trust, creating a real deBBY Community.”

 “As the finishing touch to the process of strengthening the positioning of deBBY as a dynamic, engaged social brand, Connexia has designed and developed the new website, a special space designed to really celebrate the trends of the 18-25 target,” said Stefano Ardito, Connexia’s Chief Growth Officer.deBBY’s new web presence is optimised for mobile devices, and one of its most distinctive features is the simple, intuitive navigation that provides instant access to product content, the brand presentation and tools to find the nearest store to buy the products. By using an integrated communication strategy, Connexia has successfully tapped into the “deBBY girl’s” digital evolution and built new expressive, community and sharing spaces for her.”

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