Connexia: first half-year shows strong growth (+45%) and new client acquisitions. The market rewards multi-disciplinary skill sets and an innately integrated approach

8 September 2021 – Growing financial results and turnover with a gratifying +45% compared to 2020 for the independent communication and marketing consultancy agency Connexia.

The positive balance recorded in the first half of 2021 confirms the upward trend of the pre-pandemic results and rewards the distinctive ability of the Milan-based agency: to bring together communication and business.

“We are obviously more than satisfied with the results achieved in the first half of the year, especially as this growth has been achieved at the same time as our decision to become a ‘Società Benefit (benefit corporation), and to place people and their well-being at the forefront of our development plan. For Connexia, the work-life balance is of prime importance, on equal footing with the intersection of skills and the ability to intercept and accompany change in complex organisations”, says Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia, who adds: “the market is currently going through a phase of optimistic recovery, which is benefiting all those stakeholders who were able to anticipate and implement digital transformation in their organisations in recent years.

 At Connexia, we consider ourselves ‘pioneers of innovation’: we have never been afraid to anticipate and encourage change, nor to guide brands through the challenges of digital & creative transformation. For us, it is essentially a matter of approach: we study the market, interpret trends and evidence, anticipate the signs of change and help our clients to apply them accordingly in their own organisations. Our ideal clients today are medium to large sized companies that want to innovate, experiment, and streamline their operations: in a nutshell, they want to ‘change‘ the way they communicate and generate value. Brands choose us because of our multidisciplinary approach and our solidity, and our ability to develop projects that are relevant”.

 For the second half of the year, Connexia is looking to consolidate this positive trend, particularly with regard to the development of the Connexia Health division and the monitoring, protection and search intelligence services through its own SEO Defender suite, and to close 2021 with sales of +25/27% over 2020.

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