Connexia Health has arrived: a new division of strategic consultancy and communication that combines data, creativity, and innovation

18 February 2021 – The independent agency Connexia has decided to capitalise on its knowledge and experience in the Healthcare sector with the launch of the new Connexia Health division. The objective: to build dedicated communication and business strategies to meet the communication needs of the complex and constantly evolving Pharma & Healthcare sector.

After a positive 2020 that was characterised by growth, Connexia, which has been a partner of GLOBALHealthPR (GHPR) – the world’s largest network of independent agencies specialising in scientific and pharmaceutical communication – since 2019, is investing in its presence on the Health market, relying on in-house methodologies, vertical tools, strong internal skills and constant collaboration and synergy between all departments of the agency.

Connexia Health stands out in the market as a partner for the construction of robust, innovative and measurable projects. Strategy, creativity, innovation, content & media relations, events, media & measurement are the key words of the agency’s consultancy philosophy and marketing and communication services, which speak the language of creativity and a data-driven approach.

At the helm of Connexia Health is Claudia Comolli, a Director with 20 years of experience in Pharma & Healthcare, the last 5 of which were spent at  Sudler&Hennessey (now VMLY&Rx) as Client Service Director. Throughout her career, Claudia has worked with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies including AstraZeneca, Janssen, Novartis, Gilead Science, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Alfasigma and Sanofi, leading product communication and overseeing disease awareness projects, medical education and corporate initiatives.

“The world of Healthcare is changing and the new model of consultancy needs to be able to anticipate change. With Connexia Health, we want to position ourselves as a partner for pharmaceutical agencies in strategic consultancy, corporate and product-related communication, and the design of innovative services for the health sector,” explains Paolo d’Ammassa, CEO & Founding Partner of Connexia. “We are an agency that combines the specific skills needed to work in the healthcare sector (scientific content, knowledge of regulatory frameworks, consolidated network of stakeholders) with an innate ability to generate innovation and digital transformation. With Claudia Comolli at the helm of Connexia Health, the new division has all the skills necessary to assert itself even more aggressively in the current Pharma & Healthcare landscape, acting as a strategic partner for companies in the sector and guaranteeing the expertise of a vertical Healthcare team on the one hand, and, on the other hand, a mixture of innovative skills that have evolved over 20 years of communication projects in the consumer sector”.

“With twenty years of experience in vertical Healthcare agencies, I decided to join Connexia because I believe that it is a company that perfectly understands the partner model that our clients need: this is an agency that can anticipate trends in the world of healthcare, find new solutions, and become a pioneer in terms of change,” explains Claudia Comolli, Connexia Health Director. “With a creative soul and a strong propensity for innovation, the Connexia team identifies digital transformation strategies for businesses and supports health companies as they face new challenges, both internally (accompanying people and organisational structures) and vis-à-vis their main stakeholders, identifying alternative methods for contact, engagement, and communication with patients, the scientific community, doctors, caregivers and patient associations, and generating architectural and digital solutions”.

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