Connexia launches SEO Defender, the solution for ensuring optimum brand visibility and presence in search engines.

29 November 2019 – Connexia continues its strategy of consolidating its in-house digital marketing skills and is once again investing in one of the agency’s  strategic assets in the area of SEO, with Connexia SEO Defender, the home-made solution dedicated to the activities of monitoring, diagnostics and prompt “corrective” intervention for the positioning of individual brands in organic search engine results.

Activities and initiatives launched by competitors, along with advancements in search engine algorithms, can have a significant impact on the organic exposure of a site and, consequently, on its ability to acquire qualified traffic.

SEO Defender ensures protection of the digital asset through an intricate monitoring system, capable of promptly identifying any element of danger, whether imminent or merely potential, to the organic visibility of a brand’s properties, and enables early intervention in order to prevent or minimise the impact.

 “SEO Defender is not just a proprietary platform developed by Connexia in-house to offer its clients. It is a complete and integrated solution that enhances the level of advice we can provide in relation to monitoring activities, data analysis and intervention, enabling us to identify, report and correct in an extremely timely manner, implementing all the optimisation activities that are essential for improving a website’s positioning in organic search engine results. – says Andrea Redaelli, Managing Partner Digital Media at Connexia Following the launch of Audience Tracker in October, we’re continuing on our strategic path of equipping ourselves with proprietary tools, designed and developed entirely in-house, so that we can be increasingly consistent and comprehensive in the support and advice that we are able to offer brands.

With SEO Defender, Connexia offers a service that’s completely in line with the data-driven approach that makes our agency stand out and which steers our creative process. Based on the analysis of each brand’s digital properties, on the target audience’s information needs and on the competitive scenario, we devise strategies to improve the ability to acquire qualified traffic from organic searches, whilst also guaranteeing support as the activities are implemented and constant collaboration as they evolve.”

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