Connexia Outcomes is here: a new marketing intelligence platform to support digital transformation paths

11 May 2021 – Market differentiation and positioning tools: Connexia presents Connexia Outcomes, an all-in-one marketing intelligence knowledge platform to monitor crucial business factors.

Brand perception, needs, behaviour, macro trends, business KPIs and industry performance: Connexia Outcomes provides companies with a customisable dashboard that brings together all the essential tools to monitor their business in a single solution.

Connexia is an increasingly sought-after partner, helping companies to define customer-first strategies in a historic period of uncertainty and profound changes. Working alongside chief marketing officers, as well as brand marketing and communication departments, Connexia has developed a set of innovative analysis services for the industry in question, focusing on target macro-profiling and search intelligence to support decision makers from a data-driven perspective.

Understanding competitors, customers and users; studying the market and its dynamics; interpreting competitive forces; managing channels; analysing micro and macro trends: Connexia Outcomes is the differentiation tool that allows you to analyse data and trends in all areas of business. Born from a multidisciplinary collaboration between the different departments that make up the agency—Innovation, SEO, Market Intelligence, Data Analysis—according to an open innovation approach, Connexia Outcomes’ modular structure allows you to operate using different services within a single repository and make quick, effective, coherent decisions to orient yourself in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Trend Radar is a reporting module in which chief marketing officers can identify communication and customer experience macro trends, including by way of reports that are periodically shared in the module.

Additionally, Audience Tracker is an audience profiling solution developed in collaboration with BVA Doxa, which has long been synonymous with market surveys and public opinion in Italy, designed to help users to understand the target audiences of specific industries, while Personas Benchmarking is a tool that allows you to simplify comparisons between different audience profiles to understand their specific characteristics and guide marketing actions.

With Search Intelligence, Connexia Outcomes offers a detailed picture of audience needs and allows you to build a map of touchpoints and the degree of coverage developed by owned properties and competitors, allowing individual brands to understand their own reputation and awareness with regard to competitors.

Finally, KPI Monitoring is designed to simplify the analysis of business and communication KPIs by displaying the performance of the organisation’s brands, services, products and processes. Thanks to the sophisticated data pooling, its beta version allows you to access performance benchmarking, comparing the company to others in the sector.

“We are living in a moment of extraordinary, fluid and unpredictable change, in which the sharing of knowledge has become incredibly vital,” explained Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner of Strategy & Creativity at Connexia. “Thanks to Outcomes, and our mindset, Connexia has been able to expand its strategic consulting model, building data-driven partnerships with both brands and all the stakeholders in the world of communication, capable of triggering real change within complex companies and organisations.

For us, Connexia Outcomes is an aggregation, knowledge sharing and performance analysis platform that enables marketing strategies for companies through multi-channel, proprietary and fully customisable benchmarking & search intelligence tools.

This project perfectly encapsulates our agency’s positioning; our approach to consulting and open innovation; our creative processes, inspired by the collaboration and involvement of multidisciplinary teams; and our value proposition. I am very proud to present a product that represents our very ethos in terms of both its foundations and its potential.”

Under the guidance of the Chief Innovation Officer, Italo Marconi, the Connexia Innovation Team collaborated closely to develop Connexia Outcomes, bringing together Monica Rossi, Head of Technology; Andrea Todon, Senior UX Designer; Stefano Corposanto, Marketing Intelligence Director; Matteo Sbarra, Business Strategy Director; Giorgio Volpe, SEO Director; and Marco Cilia, Data Solution Director.

It is possible to request a live demo without activation costs and use of the Connexia Outcomes platform by filling out the online form on the dedicated website, followed by a quick yet in-depth analysis with the Connexia team to define your needs, identify the relevant KPIs, and personalise the segments based on the reference industry.

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