Connexia presents Communication Compass to map worldwide communication at the time of Covid-19

4 May 2020 – Connexia launches its Communication Compass dashboard: the independent agency has affirmed its concrete engagement during the pandemic by launching an international map of all initiatives and communications created in response to Covid-19 to monitor solidarity between companies during the crisis.

The second module of the data application is an “organised depository”, a collection of the many campaigns, both Italian and foreign, that have launched by brands in response to Covid-19.

Arranged by brand, industry and function/category (Help & Educate, Empower & Entertain, Inspire & Celebrate), the campaigns document brand stories and the communication choices made by brands during the emergency.

Help & Educate: the brand as a support for the safety of individuals and the community.

Empower & Entertain: the brand as an enabler of the new normal, to support people in their new routines.

Inspire & Celebrate: the brand as a mouthpiece for shared values and inspiration for individuals.

The story of the extraordinariness of the current period, as read and experienced through the communication choices made by brands: this tool has been designed to support the entire communication sector – brands, agencies, professionals, creatives, marketers – in creating a permanent and constantly updated space for observing the reactions and choices of brands in confronting the Covid-19 emergency.

Offering a kind of “dynamic photograph” of communication at the time of Covid-19, created by Connexia Innovation team under the guidance of Chief Innovation Officer Italo Marconi and in collaboration with Market Intelligence Director Stefano Corposanto, Communication Compass has been enriched with a new data app with the ambition of becoming a useful and practical guide for all marketers who want to deepen their communication in response to the crisis.

A project conceived and developed in continuity with the agency’s choice of commitment and concrete “social” restitution.

Connexia has reacted and is still reacting to the emergency by doing what it does best: building open dashboards and making them available to communities and operators free of charge. But also by sharing knowledge and expertise in its weekly webinars and carrying out free communication campaigns to support the activities of a number of non-profit organisations that have been particularly active during the emergency. And, finally, by being among the very first companies in Italy to respond to the Minister for Innovation’s call for Digital Solidarity by offering licenses and training support for the use of the Webex platform for remote collaboration – free of charge and for all companies that request it.

As it is already the case for notifications regarding new donations, in this case too, notifications of new campaigns, both Italian and international, are very welcome!

Communication Compass

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