Connexia presents “So fresh you can feel it”. ASMR amplifies “the sounds” of quality and freshness for the first time in Coccodì’s new digital advert.

8 May 2019 – Coccodì, Italy’s leading producer of barn, free-range and organic eggs, has appointed Connexia to devise and produce a digital campaign that revolves around the key values that have made the company’s products famous: freshness and quality.

Coccodì has been a byword for freshness and quality in the production and distribution of fresh eggs for over fifty years. Product freshness and quality have always been essential factors for the company, which strives to guarantee both throughout the entire supply chain with a very strict control system. Furthermore, Coccodì is one of the companies leading the way in terms of a new level of understanding and new approach to the importance of animal wellbeing, which is why it has stopped working with battery farms and replaced them all with free-range and barn-style organic farms.

To communicate the quality and freshness of Coccodì eggs, Connexia has chosen a brand-new creative trick using autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a technique that has been particularly successful on YouTube and involves producing videos in which the sounds of various objects are amplified with binaural recording to maintain the 3D sensation of the sound. This means content produced with this method is remarkably effective at evoking unusually vivid and pleasurable sensory effects for the people who are watching and listening.

Thanks to Connexia, a campaign that transforms cooking egg-based recipes into an extraordinary and seductive experience and amplifies the senses of sight and hearing is going online for the first time ever on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from 15th April to 30th June.

Coccodì has always associated the value of quality with innovation,” said Gianpietro Seghezzi, the Managing Director of Coccodì. “This is why we chose Connexia as our trusted partner to devise an innovative way to help us to communicate our product, its distinctive characteristics and beneficial properties.

As a company, it is vital for us to be able to communicate to our consumers that our products guarantee flavour and authenticity and that we pay a great deal of attention to animal wellbeing and the local area.

We are very happy with the campaigns, which consumers can see on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We are delighted that they will enable consumers to experience something as simple and familiar as an egg in such a truly special and original way.”

Working with Coccodì has been the perfect opportunity for us to let our creative juices flow unconditionally and communicate the simplicity of such an essential ingredient in so many of our recipes with an intense sensory experience,” said Massimiliano Trisolino, Connexia’s Managing Partner for Strategy and Creativity. “We chose to produce the first ASMR-based advertising campaign for Coccodì so that we could communicate the product’s quality and freshness in a really original way on social media channels while also promoting the producer’s high standards of quality and organic preferences to help to position it as the market leader.”

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