Connexia teams up with Special K for Italy’s version of “Powering You”: stories about women and everyday challenges

30 May 2018 –  Kellogg, the world’s leading cereal company and second largest producer of cookies, crackers and savoury snacks, has entrusted Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, with its popular Special K brand and the management of the PR and digital communication strategy for the launch of Powering You”, the international campaign that celebrates the power of women at different moments in their day. The Milanese agency will implement the PR and digital PR initiatives with the aim of launching “Powering You” in Italy in a way that is relevant to Italian women.

Women have been eating Special K for over sixty years, and the brand has changed the form and content of its products particularly in recent years to help women to always reach their full potential and accompany them from dawn to dusk.

The Special K “Powering You” campaign is part of the idea to move away from the concept of dieting that it always encapsulated in the past. Today’s new positioning places a focus on the nutritional benefits of the product and the brand’s ability to help women in the different challenges that they tackle every day and help them be the best version of themselves.

Tasked with making the “Powering You” campaign relevant in Italy, Connexia devised and developed a creative concept which would successfully appeal to the Italian target audience: “Donne in Azione di Special K” (Special K Active Women). The agency identified and coordinated all the PR and digital PR initiatives and selected and engaged four outstanding personalities for the campaign: Federica Fontana, Vanessa Ferrari, Cristina Marino and Giorgia Surina. The aim was to convey every aspect of the “Donne in Azione” concept and show how women represent and are consistently an “active force” in all the countless challenges they are expected to tackle and manage every day.

When it was time for the “Donne in Azione” campaign to officially debut in print and with the food, lifestyle and wellness bloggers, Connexia had created an event during which Special K showcased the new campaign’s key messages with the testimonials and asked Doxa, Italy’s leading independent market research and analysis firm, to present a preview of the results from a survey into the everyday challenges faced by Italian women.

Connexia’s creative team had also produced photographs and videos to maximise the content and Special K’s digital activities. The team had organised ad-hoc photo and film shoots and produced original scripts that accurately described the activities in progress. Special K is pleased with the results and the excellent working relationship that has been built with Connexia, which is why the agency will continue follow all initiatives associated with the “Powering You” campaign and new products from the Special K brand throughout 2018.

We are very happy with our partnership with Connexia as it has successfully created a complex campaign like “Powering You” with messages that are relevant to Italian women and initiatives that fully convey the values and nutritional benefits of our brand,” said Donato Cangelli, Cereals Marketing Director, Kellogg Southern Europe.

“Working with Kellogg’s Special K is an extraordinary opportunity for Connexia to devise and develop a truly relevant creative concept and use innovative storytelling to effectively support the strategy for the launch of the international “Powering You” campaign in Italy,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “We are very pleased with the trust-based relationship that we are building with the brand and delighted to keep working with Special K over the coming months to maintain the consistency and continuity of the current campaign, while consolidating our role as the agency of choice for the food industry for all communications initiatives.”