Connexia wins the Kia Motors bid for digital communication on social media properties

15 July 2019 – Connexia, the data-driven creativity agency with the mission of devising and developing marketing and communication projects that incorporate data, strategic thinking, creativity and technology, has won the tender recently run by Kia Motors Company Italy, the Italian branch of the Korean automotive brand Kia, for the management of the brand’s social media properties.

Thanks to its strengths of design, quality, technology and an eco-sustainable approach, Kia Motors Italy has enjoyed significant growth in recent years represented by the The Power to Surprise proposition that sums up the constant drive to always improve and meet and surpass customer expectations through continuous innovation.

Following an expansive competition, Kia Motors Company Italy recognised that Connexia was the best partner with which to embark on a brand repositioning featuring a new digital and social media strategy.

As a creative and strategic consultant, the agency was tasked with working on how people perceive Kia’s digital and social ecosystem in Italy, and on all the brand’s social properties: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Connexia will set out a cross-channel strategy that encompasses the creative production and management of all of the car manufacturer’s social channels with the aim of increasing the brand’s visibility and positive perception in Italy.

A key aspect in the brand’s communication strategy is telling the story of the company’s values. This will also be supported by the production of photo and video shoots by Connexia Media House, the agency’s in-house production unit, that are designed to trigger a significant increase in the number of conversations in the online ecosystem and the number of conversions these produce.

This is the start of a new, exciting adventure for Connexia,” said Stefano Ardito, Connexia’s Chief Growth Officer. “Working with Kia is an opportunity for us to harness all the expertise we have gained in the automotive industry and channel it into building a social media properties strategy that highlights the brand’s wide range in Italy and not only raises awareness, but also encourages more people to discover the cars in dealerships.

 In light of Kia’s fantastic results in Italy, we will be their strategic partner as we help the brand to achieve its business goals.”

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