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17 September 2019 -“ gives your classifieds a voice” is the claim of the brand’s new social and digital campaign which features the dynamic singing style of Elio e le Storie Tese for its three new digital films, one for each of the macro product/classifieds categories: Home, Work, Buy/Sell.

On YouTube, Facebook and Instagram from August to October, the new campaign has been completely devised, produced and managed by Connexia and features brand-new jingles and irresistible antics to convey the distinctive qualities of The Milanese data-driven creativity agency created a creative concept that revolves around the voice and set the offering to music to highlight the value of its qualities and comprehensive nature. The classified ads platform is now the undisputed “amplifier” of all Italians’ classified ads thanks to the voice of a pop group that is adored in Italy for its intelligent witty humour, namely Elio e le Storie Tese.

“Our image has been presented in a totally fresh, new way and yet it is still completely consistent with our history and brand,” said Stefano Pavignano, the Managing Director of “ wants to be the go-to platform for all free classified ads in Italy, a challenging goal that Connexia has successfully interpreted in an original, disruptive way. The campaign’s three music videos tell our story; they are fun and engaging and give a voice to and to all its classified ads.”

Designed and planned for the main media platforms to ensure brand recognition with an appealing aura of fun and light-heartedness, the video strategy came to life under the creative direction of Riccardo Catagnano, who wrote the jingles with Elio e le Storie Tese.

Following the recent acquisition of the digital experience agency Ragooo, Connexia has an expanding Digital Media area and curated all the media planning to guarantee that all the outputs fully met the best practices suggested by the activated media.

Once that was completed, Connexia calculated the lift in brand awareness by using advanced measuring systems (brand lift survey).

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