Gabetti appoints Connexia to manage its brands’ social and digital marketing strategy.

16 May 2019 – Founded in 1950, the Gabetti Group helped pioneer today’s concept of real estate brokerage services. Following a call for tenders involving four creative agencies, the Gabetti Group appointed Connexia to produce the strategic and creative work involved in devising, developing and managing the social and digital communication campaigns for the Gabetti, Grimaldi and Professionecasa brands.

Renowned for their proven experience in brokerage and consulting services, including redevelopment, insurance, mortgages and specialist technical services, the Gabetti Group’s brands operate throughout Italy and are known for reliably responding to any property market requirement.

Over the years the group has expanded considerably; it now has thirteen subsidiaries covering three lines of business with vertical experience and the option of providing professional services across the real estate business. This unique, distinctive and strategic advantage strengthens the already close intragroup synergies and enables Gabetti’s different brands to propose wide-ranging solutions that can be tailored to meet different requirements.

The Gabetti Group is the agency of choice in some of the most important moments in people’s lives so it is essential that its values as well as the expertise people can rely on when choosing any of the group’s different brands are emphasised. This is why Connexia was chosen to be the creative strategic partner. By working very closely with the Gabetti Group’s in-house communication team, Connexia will devise and produce original content for the social media channels, manage media planning for Google ADV and social media campaigns, and run other innovative digital marketing projects. All this provides incredible organisational support and expertise, which is also boosted by Connexia’s recent acquisition of Ragooo, the digital experience agency and data, search and media specialists.

Connexia outperformed other agencies at faithfully interpreting the values that set Gabetti, Grimaldi and Professionecasa apart from other brands by proposing a targeted focus on content that enhances the value of the networks and offers the end client new ideas while respecting the brands’ communication goals.

“We are ready for a new style of communication that ensures clients appreciate the added value our agency brings to every negotiation by responding to precise needs and to every step of the decision-making process,” explained Stefania Binda, the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Gabetti Group. “We have been in this business for nearly seventy years. Over that time we have changed considerably by adapting our approach and the services we offer and we will keep acquiring new skills and expertise to assist our clients with all their decisions and bureaucratic procedures. Connexia stood out immediately: it had the right vision of the future and as soon as we started working together they understood that we also needed to develop our communication strategy and knew the best way to showcase and add value to the role of our property consultants on the ground and our services.”

“We are very happy that Gabetti Group chose Connexia and enthusiastic about bringing our strategic expertise and creative experience to the table to tackle this challenge with a leading real estate firm,” said Stefano Ardito, Connexia’s Chief Growth Officer. “All our work will be ‘content’ driven; we plan to incorporate the values and skills set specific to each of the group’s brands into the various properties in a unique and original way. First we will build a set of core values shared across the company, then go into greater detail to convey the signature characteristics and hallmarks unique to each brand so that every piece of content is prominently displayed on all channels in the most effective way possible for its respective brand.”

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