Gabetti presents its Facebook Messenger chatbot, a first for the real estate market. Connexia is Gabetti’s Innovation Partner.

18 July 2019 – Founded in 1950, the Gabetti Group helped pioneer today’s concept of real estate brokerage services. Once again the Gabetti Group is leading the way this time in innovation and customer proximity and presents the new Facebook Messenger chatbot, devised and produced by Connexia’s Innovation team.

The Gabetti chatbot is real AI (artificial intelligence) that provides a service for customers, who can ask for a free quote for the sale price or monthly rent of their property (homes, business premises and land). This digital interface enables users to receive a quote for their property in just a few seconds by answering a few easy questions designed to help formulate the quote.

Gabetti is currently the only player in this sector to use this technology. One of the tools used to develop this technology was the vast database of real estate listings and the matching algorithm used by, the portal launched and used by the group.

The chatbot was devised and implemented as part of the Gabetti Group’s global communication strategy which focuses on social media in particular and aims to ensures clients appreciate the added value the company brings to every negotiation as well as its expertise in responding to specific needs in every step of the decision-making process. The new tool enables the Gabetti Group to consistently and significantly strengthen online relations with the target, and thereby meet customers’ needs with an even higher degree of personalisation.

“The real estate market is experiencing a period of significant transformation in the ways it manages its relations with customers,” said Stefania Binda, the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Gabetti Group. This technology enables us to create a new opportunity for people wishing to sell or rent their property to contact us. We inspire owners by offering them an instant initial quote for a sale or rental. This is a fantastic opportunity for us and for our nationwide network of agencies. This service enables us to put whomever has spoken with our digital agent in direct contact with real-life professionals who can assist them in the more complex process of valuing the property as only they can set the real market price.

Online customers want instant information and a preview of what to expect. We want to use these tools to help us to meet these customers’ requirements and wishes more accurately so we can make relations with our agencies throughout the country even easier and deliver on their real estate needs.”  

“Gabetti is renowned for its innovative approach so implementing a conversational agent to keep a direct channel open between the company and the user at all times fits perfectly into an integrated communication strategy designed to ensure target proximity and better meet their needs,” said Italo Marconi, Connexia’s Chief Innovation Officer. “We chose the Facebook Messenger platform because the world’s leading social network has continued to increase its focus on instant messaging tools in recent years and promoted an even more targeted and convincing way to use them.”

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