HoMedics and Connexia launch Gel Massage. Special Guest: Giorgio Mastrota

HoMedics, the leading American brand of home relaxation and wellness products, has appointed the data-driven creativity agency Connexia to manage the launch of the online communication campaign for the new HoMedics Gel Massage line, the innovative range of massagers for all massage needs featuring the exclusive Gel Massage technology that offers soft yet firm massages just like in a real professional spa.

Online until December 2018, the primary goal of the new HoMedics campaign is to consolidate brand awareness and deliver a fun, innovative message about the launch of the new Gel Massage line. At the creative core of the campaign is Connexia, which devised and developed the concept, and brought onboard Giorgio Mastrota, an actor and television presenter who is famous throughout Italy for his incredibly popular home shopping TV ads, as a special guest and product tester. The creative idea tells the story of various moments in the everyday life of the Mastrota family: for example, in one tongue-in-cheek video we see Giorgio appearing to do a home shopping ad in the comfort of his own home and hear his wife’s astounded reaction.

Connexia created the campaign in digital, video and display format with ad hoc content created exclusively for the brand’s website and social properties (Facebook and Instagram), which pokes fun at Giorgio’s comically large thumbs which have gained fame in Italy.

The strategy behind the campaign’s digital distribution was managed by FIND, a boutique agency in Milan that has been managing digital advertising campaigns and SEO for HoMedics since January 2018. The team handled all the developmental phases of the campaign, and successfully produced an approach that created synergy between all aspects involved to maximise results.

“The idea of having a testimonial came about because we needed to communicate the unique experience of enjoying a massage with the new Gel Line,” explained Dante Cesaro, the Marketing Director for HoMedics Italia. “The outstanding feature of the Gel Massage products is that they offer a soft yet firm massage that feels just like the real hands of a massage therapist. The creative concept provided by Connexia involved the participation of Giorgio Mastrota, who is a legend in Italian advertising, and a plan packed with social, PR and campaign display initiatives. It completely captured the spirit of the launch and successfully achieved all the initial goals with originality and tongue-in-cheek humour.”

“This latest communication project and initiative to boost brand awareness has definitely strengthened our partnership with HoMedics,” said Massimiliano Trisolino, Connexia’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our creative ideas are designed to convey the indisputable quality of HoMedics products to the market by using genuine storytelling featuring a nod to the uber-popular world of home shopping ads and choosing someone as iconic as Giorgio Mastrota as the testimonial.”