Introducing the Connexia Media House

04 July 2018 — Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, is proud to present the Connexia Media House. Excellence, fast response times, and streamlined production processes: a team of creatives working on every step of producing content from creation to treatment and production. Our goal? To bring the skills needed for content and video production in house so we can instantly and effectively meet our clients’ demands for video content.

Connexia has launched a new production hub with a major focus on real-time video content so we can independently meet the daily demands for creating original, high-quality video content. Whether it’s a photo shoot, branded content or social video production, the Connexia Media House has a new production model that accelerates the multiple stages of the process, making it less complicated and more effective.

Featuring a team of highly specialised young talented professionals with international experience, including filmmakers, photographers, stylists, producer, writers and storytellers, Connexia’s Media House is already fully functional and working closely with the agency’s two creative and strategic divisions, while meeting the needs of all Connexia’s other specialist areas, namely digital, social media, PR, events, and innovation.

With 110 professionals and a forecasted 13.5 million turnover for 2018, representing double-figure year-on-year growth, Connexia has successfully capitalised on and enhanced the value of its creative expertise and data-driven approach by organically bringing them together in a consistent manner to serve our video content offering. Connexia has strong ties with the Doxa Group – Italy’s only independent market research firm with an international network covering seventy countries – and being part of this group gives the agency a guaranteed unique competitive advantage, namely that combining the production of native video content with data analysis and interpretation can be used to formulate all our communications and business strategies.

“As an agency we receive increasingly more demands every day for more and more high-quality video content. Based on this rise in demand, we decided it was time we had our own studio in the Connexia building kitted out with all the latest equipment and staffed with the right people to ensure we always respond swiftly and effectively to the needs of the market,” Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia, “The Connexia Media House is a strategic choice which we floated to the market a few months back and proves our determination to focus the expressive vitality of our young professionals on real-time video content.

We’re placing immense emphasis on cost efficiency, formats, all the latest in communication touchpoints and integrating technological innovations as these are all key factors in the Connexia Media House. It goes without saying that we will continue to work with the top production companies in the video production market for our more demanding or highly complex projects .”