ITALO chooses Connexia as a digital communication partner

3 June 2019 – Following a competition involving various creative agencies, ITALO S.p.A. has chosen to entrust Connexia with the strategic and creative activities for conceiving, developing and managing the brand’s social and digital communication campaigns.

Only a few months after Connexia opened its office in Rome, its first success has been formally confirmed, the agency being seen as a leading strategic partner for corporate communications.

As Italy’s first private High Speed operator, ITALO connects 26 stations in 21 cities, thanks to a fleet composed exclusively of Alstom trains, which are among the most modern in Europe, and with a total of 17 million passengers in 2018 and 92 journeys per day across the Italian peninsula.

The objective of the strategy that Connexia has designed will be to diversify communication at the company’s various customer touchpoints, and to highlight the benefits of what ITALO has to offer, paying special attention to drive-to-business and to care for clients who come into contact with the brand via the carrier’s custom channels. A dashboard, created on an ad hoc basis for monitoring online conversations, will also be activated, enabling you always to have control of the buzz surrounding the brand and to receive immediate feedback in terms of customer satisfaction and crisis prevention.

“We are enthusiastic that it us ITALO chose to embark on this journey together – a partnership relationship,” comments Stefano Ardito, Chief Growth Officer at Connexia, “The approach we offered the company concentrates on building unique and distinctive content with a particular focus on drive-to-business formats and techniques, aiming to raise awareness of an ever more extensive and competitive package of connections.

“Naturally, we have also not neglected to use all the levers at our disposal for generating and fostering empathy and dialogue with clients, both current and potential, so as to move closer to achieving targets which are ever more cross- sector in nature.

“Becoming the reference agency for Italo’s digital strategy is an even more significant result for us, if we bear in mind how recently Connexia’s Rome office opened, announced only two months ago, and this has proven to be an even more strategic choice with a view to extending the company’s scope of operations both in terms of clients, and in terms of the industry.”

“For us digital channels represent a basic asset, and for this reason we have chosen to work with Connexia, which has offered a distinctive strategic approach, and one which represents the process of evolution we are undergoing as a company,” comments Fabrizio Bona, Chief Commercial Officer at ITALO S.p.A., “We believe that this level of partner can deliver value-added both in terms of the creation of content, and in the ongoing monitoring of online buzz, allowing us to make strategic and timely business decisions.”

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