“Jump on board with Bakeca.it!” A wild Antonio Razzi is the unexpected protagonist of the new Bakeca.it communication campaign by Connexia.

17 September 2020 – The famous dance performances of former Senator Antonio Razzi are at the heart of Bakeca.it‘s new social and digital campaign, which consolidates the website’s relationship with Connexia by entrusting the agency with the conception, production and social planning of three new digital films dedicated to three different categories of advertisement: Work, Training, and Buying/Selling.

Having given voice to the advertisements of many Italians through a number of new and catchy jingles made with Elio and Le Storie Tese, this year Connexia wanted to enhance the variety of the millions of free ads that Bakeca.it users can view, focusing on the most unexpected and popular dancer in the world of social media at the moment: Antonio Razzi.

Since making his debut on TikTok at the age of 72 with one of his now famous entertaining dances, the former senator from Abruzzo has been enjoying incredible success, registering thousands of views within just a few hours.

The campaign, which will be online from September 17th to mid-October on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, showcases a new form of creativity that is given shape by the light-hearted choreography of former Senator Razzi, inspired by the type of ads selected and improvised to disco-music rhythms from the 70s, electro-pop of the 80s, and warm Latin-American sounds.

“In some ways, involving Antonio Razzi in Bakeca.it’s communication strategy may seem a bold choice; but if you go beyond facile prejudice, the logic behind this decision can clearly be seen. Razzi, the former senator, symbolises the possibility of throwing oneself at life and reinventing oneself, in a way that few others have managed to achieve. Given that bakeca.it is full of job advertisements, training courses, and other things to improve our lives, Razzi seemed a natural choice,” explains Riccardo Catagnano, Creative Director and Head of Branded Content at Connexia.  “Razzi is someone who put himself on the line and, at the end of his political career, managed to reinvent himself as a pop icon. Who better than him to invite Italians to ‘jump on board’ with Bakeca.it?”.

Conceived and planned for the main digital and social media platforms, the new campaign aims to strengthen the brand’s recognisability, reinterpreting its philosophy and values in an original and ironic way.

“It continues our journey of innovation, both in terms of communication and in the choice of channels used, which also includes TikTok,” explains Stefano Pavignano, CEO of Bakeca.it. “Bakeca.it wants to be the main platform used by all Italians for free advertisements. This is a challenging goal, and this year we decided to interpret it in an original and ironic way. The three videos that make up the campaign are fun and engaging, telling the story of Bakeca and all its ads”.

WORK campaign

TRAINING campaign

GENERIC campaign

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