Loacker presents its social media project “A more than good discovery” with Margot Sikabonyi

Auna di Sotto (BZ), 20th October 2021 In collaboration with the communication and marketing agency Connexia, Loacker – the South Tyrolean company that is the world market leader in wafers and also specialises in the production of chocolate specialities – is announcing its social media project “A more than good discovery” and giving life to its collaboration with Margot Sikabonyi as a Loacker Brand Ambassador.

The aim of the project is to reinforce the communciation of the new Loacker recipe, with the brand’s constant focus on providing consumers with quality ingredients thanks to its short, controlled supply chain projects relating to the raw ingredients required (hazelnuts, milk, vanilla, and cocoa powder). It also aims to convey Loacker’s commitment to sustainable development all over the world.

Authentic ingredients and sustainability are two fundamentally important pillars around which the company has decided to focus its communication, thanks also to its recent brand relaunch project.

It is with this in mind that Loacker has chosen to reinforce the transmission of these key messages through multi-subject social media content featuring two exceptional protagonists, Margot Sikabonyi and Fabio Raimondi, who is Loacker’s Raw Materials and Product Development Manager, on a journey to discover the origin of Loacker goodness.

 Margot Sikabonyi, Loacker Brand Ambassador

Margot Sikabonyi is an actress (known for her role in the historic Rai TV series “Un medico in famiglia”) as well as a health coach and yoga teacher. She is also a mother who is sensitive to the causes of future generations, as she follows and promotes integral and sustainable values, with a focus on improvement of the individual and the community.

The collaboration between Loacker and Margot Sikabonyi was born from the coming together and sharing of ideals, and from the common focus on issues of environmental and social responsibility, with an ambassadorship campaign that officially kicked off today with the publication of a video designed to convey the new Loacker recipe and the sustainability projects linked to the production of the brand’s strategic raw materials on the company’s social media channels:

  • Italian hazelnut orchards“, for the development of a supply chain for the cultivation of hazelnuts that are 100% Made in Italy;
  • “Dolomites Milk“, in collaboration with Brimi, an establishment for the processing of 100% Alpine milk that is GM-free;
  • “Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar”, for the sustainable cultivation of high-quality Bourbon vanilla berries in Madagascar, directly collaborating with local farmers and cooperatives;
  • Cocoa farming programme“, a sustainable cultivation programme for cocoa, created in Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador.

Run entirely by Connexia, the ambassadorship campaign will see Margot Sikabonyi involved with Loacker throughout 2021. In addition, parallel to this project, an influencer marketing campaign will be developed during the month of October, with a focus on the new Loacker recipe for products with a taste that is 100% natural and “more than good”, in line with the claim of the Loacker advert campaign that was launched in September and will run throughout autumn.

We wanted to reinforce our choice of transparency and authenticity, conveying these messages through our collaboration with Margot Sikabonyi and the involvement of those who personally deal with the process of selecting raw materials for Loacker“, says Giorgio Falsone, who is Digital Manager at Loacker Italy.

“I believe in environmental and cultural sustainability. By sustainability I mean helping each other: we help the land and support it, and it takes care of us. Help and support requires listening, appreciating the value of resources and striving to protect them. I decided to understake this collaboration with Loacker because I admire their sustainability projects and their careful work in the area,” comments Margot Sikabonyi. “The ingredients that are used are valued and protected in a supply chain that begins with taking care of the raw materials and ends with the finished product. This is a “more than good” project, which I am delighted to be joining.”

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