Mindwork chooses Connexia as a partner for its communications

21 September 2020 – Mindwork, Italy’s premier company for online psychological consultancy in the business sector, has chosen Connexia as its communication partner. The independent agency will support Mindwork with a PR & Media Relation consultancy course, providing support in the definition of strategic partnerships and special projects as well as the coordination of B2B events.

Mindwork is Italy’s premier company for psychological consultancy and offers a network of specialist professionals who are enrolled in the Register of Psychologists and undergo continuous training. The company offers professional, qualified, and confidential support dedicated to the personal wellbeing of workers. All of this is available remotely at the click of a button. Indeed, Mindwork’s platform makes it possible to quickly choose the professional by whom you would like to be followed and organise consultancy sessions via video call from any device, guaranteeing total privacy and confidentiality.

By joining Mindwork on its journey, Connexia has chosen to support an innovative organisation in a field (that of health and psychological wellbeing in the workplace) that is finally finding a foothold in the dynamics of companies and in the debate on Corporate Social Responsibility. This is an extremely important topic, and although it has already been brought to the fore of the main world forums (as is the case with Davos, which featured dedicated panels during the last two editions), has become highly topical again after the experience of lockdown and the inevitable repercussions on the world of work and individuals.

A recent study conducted by Mindshare (a non-profit organisation that is committed to spreading a corporate culture that is more attentive to the mental health of its employees) and Qualtrics (a data company specialising in the creation of company experience management software), claims that 41.6% of the workers interviewed on a global scale reported a worsening of their mental health during the most intense phases of the lockdown. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression and stress in the workplace are constantly on the rise and count among the main causes of absenteeism among employees, affecting company productivity. The phenomenon is especially marked among Millennials and new arrivals from Generation Z, who seem to be even more sensitive to the topic than previous generations.

“Connexia recognises the value and importance of the service offered by Mindwork and will accompany the company with great interest, care and professionalism during the most significant period of its launch activities in Italy,” comments Stefano Ardito, Chief Growth Officer at Connexia . “Lockdown has left a mark on all of us, however we experienced it. It has changed our perception of others, our habits, and the way we relate. All of these are sensitive elements, for companies as well as individuals, which can have an impact on internal dynamics and must therefore be monitored constantly if professional intervention is required”.

“When we speak of people’s wellbeing at work, we cannot overlook the psychological side of this,”  confirms Mario Alessandra, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindwork . “It is first and foremost necessary to sustain a change of cultural paradigm, which will enable peers, their team leaders and external professionals to talk openly about psychological health. This is precisely what Mindwork aims to do: to de-stigmatise mental health at work by supporting HR directors in the promotion of psychological well-being and giving everyone easy access to psychological counselling in the utmost confidentiality.

To communicate our values, we could only rely on a company that understands and practices them, like Connexia.

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