Mobility 4.0: Doxa & Connexia report the mobility of digital Italians

22 March 2018 – What is mobility now and what can we expect it to be in the near future?

Extraordinarily current questions focused on the key role that Automotive 4.0 plays and/or will – soon – play on the Italian mobility scene. These topics are very important to those who are actively involved in the chain and to whom Doxa and Connexia provided some answers by offering a series of interpretative proposals and identifying seven trends which the market and the user are rapidly moving towards.

Doxa, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm, and Connexia, the data-driven creativity agency, are very different yet complementary members of the Doxa Group. Together they have carried out a detailed analysis of the current digital transformation, the evolution of behaviours and habits, and the in-depth overhaul of the Italian automotive market to investigate how cars, motorbikes and methods of transport in general will fit in with such a rapidly changing environment and with unpredicted developments.

The 360° debate even covered the many hot topics that touch on mobility, such as the “perception” of diesel vehicles, the growing trend for hybrid and electric solutions, the concepts of “using” vs “owning” a vehicle, the role of financial instruments, and autonomous cars to name but a few.

Doxa and Connexia offer immense experience and digital expertise, the ability to interpret data and scenarios, flexibility and insight when it comes to predicting in which direction companies will inevitably go when they are forced to change if they want to remain successful market players. A wealth of skills for the automotive industry to tap into.

“We offer a new approach to the topics in the automotive industry,” said Barbara Galli, the Mobility BU Director at Doxa. “We believe it is important to analyse and view them as an incredibly important segment and aspect of mobility in a connected world. We need to explore and understand mobility with digital means to comprehend how it presents and acts and how people interact with it primarily online. Ours is an investigative method in which research meets marketing and sales to encourage engagement, anticipate and understand any aspects of discontinuity, and identify meaningful insights.”

“Monitoring and analysing the conversation, mapping the scenario and the communication initiatives of different brands and more general data analysis are what form the starting point when designing effective strategies and truly data-driven creativity,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “In terms of the evolution of the automotive market, we had to identify several trends that we believe will impact the market, consumer habits and behaviours on which we can work and take action so we could work with feasible ideas and vision when developing communication plans and digital and social media strategies: maximum focus on personalisation and the uniqueness of the experience provided (AR and VR); advanced conversational interfaces that introduce the natural language; simplification of the data analysis processes needed for marketing actions with artificial intelligence and important relevant increase in automation; ever-more attractive video content and live streaming; constant engagement in whatever way possible; and actively engaging influencers. These are all pieces in a complex puzzle and representative of the myriad faces of today’s automotive market. They are also all “keys” to using data analysis to effectively build creativity and communication and successfully steer them in the right direction.”