Motta Buondì is back on air with breakfast… artificial-stupidity-proof breakfast!

30 September 2019 – Some dilemmas have haunted society for centuries: “who are we?”, “where are we from”, “how can breakfast be so delicious yet light?” … and it is on this seemingly incompatible pairing of deliciousness and lightness that Connexia based the new Motta Buondì campaign which airs on 29 September.

The star of the ads is Enza: if voice assistants are now our best buddies in daily life, Enza is the first example of… “artificial stupidity”, who does not simplify our lives and has no answers! Unable to understand how breakfast can be both delicious and light, Enza becomes a real nuisance to the family in the ads and concocts endless “paybacks” for anyone who fails to answer her continually repeated question. Lights switch on and off until the bulbs blow, songs blare out at top volume, a litany of defiant acts: the more the family ignores her question, the more vindictive Enza becomes, using home automation to launch her pathetic attacks.

But there is a very simple answer to Enza’s question: Buondì is the real delicious and light breakfast, and “her” family knows this only too well as that is what they have for breakfast every morning!

The witty, desecrating tone for which Motta Buondì communication has always been known is back in full force in the brand-new integrated multisubject campaign devised by Connexia, produced by Mercurio Cinematografica and planned by PHD Media which will be broadcast on the main television networks between 29 September and 26 October following the teaser phase developed online starting from 20 September. In addition to massive digital and TV coverage, the planning also includes broadcasts on the radio and Spotify.

The irritating, petulant “artificial stupidity” will also feature online and on social media: Enza and her never-ending question will be on Motta Buondì’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages, where users can catch up with her latest “vendettas” and interact directly with her. The social campaign was curated by Connexia’s Media House from the creative idea through to production.

A group of web influencers will also be involved in further increasing the campaign’s online visibility. They will help Enza to solve the “delicious and light breakfast” conundrum via engaging, fun content. The influencer marketing operation has been developed by the Noesis Group, which also handled the support PR activities.

“The artificial-stupidity-proof contest” will also be run while the campaign airs:, by purchasing a promotional packet of Motta Buondì between 26 September to 30 January 2020 consumers can take part in the contest with a chance to instantly win three prizes a day – an annual subscription to Spotify Premium and a “Mighty Vibe” music player for a total of 210 annual Spotify Premium subscriptions and 210 Mighty Vibe music players. They can also collect points to go into the final classification with a chance to win one of the twenty-five Mighty Vibe music players on offer.

All consumers need to do to take part in the contest is to buy a packet of Motta Buondì with details about the promotion, register or log in with their details on the website, enter the code and take part in the instant win contest to immediately see if they are one of the lucky prize winners. Each code played by 30 January 2020 also corresponds to a point to get them into the final classification and get one of the twenty-five 25 Mighty Vibe music players.

Catch Motta Buondì ─ the only artificial-stupidity-proof breakfast! ─ on TV and in the shops now!

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