NAOS chooses data-driven digital transformation. With Connexia.

24 July 2018 – NAOS has guaranteed better care and protection for people’s skin worldwide for forty years. Using an alternative scientific approach based on understanding the skin and its natural mechanisms, NAOS promotes the principle of ecobiology to develop products that mimic the natural mechanisms of healthy skin.

Over the years NAOS has maintained and furthered its exceptional focus on skincare and expanded its scope to include all aspects of personal care, such as health, beauty and wellbeing. By working with a unique, extraordinary network of real “research and innovation pioneers”, the company has successfully created effective products that respect the skin and wellbeing of consumers.

NAOS has always chosen state-of-the-art research and development methods to enhance current and future projects, investing considerable resources and energy into staying on top of scientific advances and working with leading experts in international medicine. In keeping with its mission as an innovation-driven company, NAOS has chosen Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, as its exclusive partner for the digital transformation of the South and Western Europe area of the business.

One of the project’s main goals is to ensure that NAOS has effective processes and tools so it can leverage a precise targeted data strategy to listen to and engage its associates and consumers.

 “NAOS is striving to make a fundamental change of approach to help us develop into a customer-centred organization,” said Christophe Billet, the NAOS Regional Managing Director. “Supported by a targeted data strategy, an innovative partner like Connexia and by a vision firmly focused on safeguarding the health and wellbeing of consumers, our company plans to implement a cross-channel strategy that integrates physical distribution with the tools provided by digital technologies so we fully complete an effective and informed digital transformation. Denis Balbo has joined our international team as Regional Head of Digital Transformation to assist us in this goal and to follow the definition and development of the strategy. ”

“The project is led by our Chief Innovation Officer Italo Marconi and focuses on the communication and business process aspects of data strategy, envisioning and organisational culture transformation. ” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Our actions shape the future. Anyone wishing to innovate, invests in renewal, improvement and forging ahead towards a new and different way of looking at the world. ”

“NAOS is a company with extremely modern sensitivities and core values: it has a constant desire to question and challenge the status quo so it can build a future that never loses sight of its ultimate aim: humanity. Connexia has a data-driven approach and flair for experimenting collaborative and innovative working methods which makes us the perfect partner to help NAOS make this change and help them to disrupt current paradigms. ”

 A team comprising the Chief Innovation Officer and a data scientist, creative technologist, user experience designer and customer experience researcher will accompany the international management at NAOS as they embark on this path of digital adaptation, which also includes a Digital Safari in Silicon Valley to take a closer look at the issues associated with all the disruptions that are already impacting this particular sector.