Online and on air the new Faber ADV campaign “The purest air experience”

Italy, 3rd December 2021 – Faber, the Franke group brand global leader in the production of kitchen hoods, is online and on air with the new advertising campaignThe purest air experience“, which marks a further step forward for the brand in the role of indoor air quality expert.

The new communication is focused on the innovative system Air Hub, which guarantees cleaner, healthier and safer air within the home, thanks to the perfect integration of two appliances: a hood and a sanitation module with UV-C lamps. An integrated solution that removes fumes and odors caused by food preparation and is also capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

The new creativity wants to communicate how -thanks to this product- people can rediscover the essence of well-being by breathing pure and healthy air within the home, like the air that can be breathed in the high mountains.

The campaign can count on an exceptional “testimonial”: a fawn!

While a young couple is relaxing on the sofa, a patter draws their attention: enticed by the purity of the home, a fawn enters the house! The initial surprise gives way to an exchange of glances but, as soon as the Air Hub stops working, the animal leaves the room.

Therefore, Air Hub is at the center of a message that wants to open an emotional connection with users. The product strengths are in fact evoked in an almost fairytale way and the storytelling underlines how this innovative model is able to guarantee the well-being of pure air like that of the Alpine valleys within the home. The well-being experience involves the entire home environment, overcoming kitchen, as evidenced by the set of the video.

Along with the new campaign -that has the creative direction of Riccardo Catagnano and client supervision of Davide Corti– ” the new Faber pay offFranke’s air expert” is also launched. The brand emphasizes its role as an expert in home air treatment of the Franke Group, the company that combines historical excellence with the great ability to look to the future by enhancing the skills acquired in the development of innovative products.

Dino Giubbilei, Franke Home Solution Vice-President Marketing & Digital comments: “We wanted to identify a creative concept able to support the new positioning and bring the brand’s mission to life. Faber’s undisputed know-how in indoor air treatment allows us to look at new lifestyles and new needs in order to propose technologically advanced, cutting-edge solutions at the service of global domestic well-being “.

The goal of this new creativity is also to humanize and make our communication even more emotional, stimulating a strong engagement of the audience” adds Gianluca Vigato, Head of Advertising & Communication at Franke Home Solution. “A choice that -we believe- will help us to inform people how important it is to improve the quality of the air in the home. Our consumers spend most of their time in the home and it is essential that they can live it in the best and most comfortable way possible “.

Working on this Faber campaign was really exciting” comments Riccardo Catagnano, Connexia Creative Director & Head of Branded Content. “We followed the company throughout the entire process of re-building its storytelling, starting with the new brand pay-off up to the definition of the creative concept and the campaign variations for the launch of the product line. To do this, we chose to express the concept of “purity” of the air, giving life to a magical, rarefied atmosphere: the purity of the air we are describing is that of the most uncontaminated nature. A pure world that comes to life in the domestic living room where we discover a fawn. To better respect the nature, together with Faber, we decided to recreate the fawn, the main protagonist of the film, in CGI. Similarly careful work has been done in the field of sound design, to recreate, even in radio commercial, the maximum feeling in terms of ‘purity’ “.

The headline “The purest air experience summarizes the new creative concept that will be declined in a digital and social campaign, as well as in a radio adv that will be broadcast on Radio 24 and Radio 2.

The purest air experience

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