“Operation Valentine’s Day”: Connexia attracts new talent with a Creative Speed Date

Milan, 7 February 2018 – Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency, presents Creative Speed Date, the special Valentine’s Day initiative for aspiring copywriters and art directors who are “in love” with their profession and ready for anything.

The goal: become the “new other half” in a happy creative duo!

With just a few days to go, there is still time to send in your résumé: the selected creatives will be invited to a face-to-face meeting with Connexia’s creative directors at 6 p.m. on 14th February.

To mobilise the prospective talents, Connexia has created a multi-subject recruiting video which aired on the agency’s Facebook channel. The video opens with a tracking shot of creative duos who all clearly share “elective affinities” and obviously love being part of duo! In the midst of this jubilant display of bonhomie and synergy is a lonely young creative longing to finally meet her “creative other half” as soon as possible.

How to apply.

If you would like to take part in the Valentine’s Day Speed Date, just email your résumé to creativespeeddate@connexia.com by 00.00 on Monday, 12th February. The most intriguing profiles will be invited to take part in the Creative Speed Date at Connexia’s head office (in via B. Panizza, 7 in Milan) on 14th February where they can reveal their creative passion and love of their job.